Injections tips please?

Hi I'm starting my injections on short protocol on 10 Feb (Gonal F in the evening and 4 days later also having cetrotide in the mornings as well). I'm not a huge fan of needles (I faint when I have to give blood or do blood tests) and even acupuncture makes me feel sick a bit sometimes if I think about it too much. My hub is going to be working away the week I start the injections (for the first 3 days of them) and I feel really daunted by it all. Do you have any tips on making it easier/less painful etc? I think I'd rather do it myself anyway so if it hurts I know when I'm inflicting it on me! We're going to the clinic on 9 Feb to get the injections so am hoping they will talk me through it. I sound utterly pathetic but have always had a phobia of needles since i was a kid! πŸ˜‚ X

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  • Me too! I've hated needles all my life. I have tiny veins also every blood test turns into a massive ordeal. So can completely understand how you're feeling.

    I found the short protocol and Gonal F better than the long protocol with Menopur, there were hardly any side effects and I didn't get the emotional meltdowns on Gonal F compared to Menorpur. I found that injecting into the fat bit of your lower belly is easier and less painful than your thighs. I did Cetrotide at the same time so one injection on the left and one on the right side every evening. If you pinch an inch of your lower belly you honestly can't really feel it. If you do another way is to numb the area with some ice wrapped up in a cloth for a few minutes before and then you really won't feel a thing, it's completely numb. You'll become a ninja at this soon, and maybe this will cure your needle phobia. I wish you all the best with your treatment, not long now which is very exciting xxx

  • Thanks Hannah for this, it's good to know I'm not the only one but i feel like a right wimp! πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the tips. I'll be starting Gonal F in the evenings on 10th Feb and cetrotide will be additional but in the mornings and starting a few days later. Where are you in your journey? Xx

  • Hi Kat9Lives.

    Just like Hannah143 and yourself, the thought of the needles really scared me but after my injection teach 2 days ago, it wasn't that bad at all. A tip is to just breathe and it's all done within seconds. I thought it would be more painful but being on my 3rd day of Gonal F injection, thankfully I am ok.

    I'm doing my injections on the belly under the belly button area and can hardly feel anything afterwards... Just take it easy and distract yourself after the injection by doing a dance or baking a cake! :p It helps to just take your mind off.

    Good Luck for your treatment!! xx

  • Thanks shigi8! It's really daunting but your reply made me laugh... the image of me having a dance after an injection... Maybe that's what will help 😊. Thanks for your help and for the good luck, where are you in your journey? Xx

  • I'm still on the early stage... Day 3 of my injection and so far it is going better than expected. I was so worried not knowing a whole lot of stuff a few weeks ago but best is to take it easy and stay positive. Oh and remember to get used to drinking lots of water! :)

  • Thanks for tips ! Hope it all goes well for you xx

  • Hiya!! I've started cetrotide injections and the needle is big just to do the mixing of the powder and liquid. After you get to use a smaller needle for the injection. (Thank goodness!) That one isn't that much bigger than the Gonal F but to help I just close my eyes when I push the needle into my skin. :) Good luck! x

  • Hi Kat9lives. If you get sore, try an ice cube on tummy for a minute before injecting! Diane

  • Hi there

    I am currently at the injection stage which my husband has been doing for me. Just wanted to offer some reassurance, I've found these needles much easier and less painful/scratchy than blood tests and any discomfort really momentarily. I hope this is the case for you too, good luck x

  • Oh fab thanks for that, it is reassuring! Which jabs are you on? I'm short protocol Gonal F and cetrotide but have heard cetrotide is a bigger needle πŸ˜• just got to suck it up I guess! πŸ˜‚ hope your injections are going well xx

  • You're welcome 😊

    I'm on long protocol Buserelin and gonal f. Yes they're fine so far but I don't start stims till next week so I'm not sure about that needle but they don't usually bother me so it should be fine. I had my baseline scan yesterday and things aregoing well so hopefully that continues, such a roller coaster 😳 Hope everything goes well with you too good luck xx

  • Hi like someone else has said they aren't as bad as blood tests. The needle is much finer. Keep relaxed while doing it especially if injecting the cetrotide into your leg as it helps a lot. Good luck x

  • Thanks ladies for your help xx

  • Well I did my first Gonal F injection last night which was better than I thought. It was more about mind over matter and felt a bit queasy but that's only because I'm scared of needles. Building up the courage for Sunday when I start the cetrotide (more complicated injections). Hope everyone is ok and wish you all lots of luck xx

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