FET tomorrow. Hubby's signature is faint. How long will egg take to thaw?

Hi Ladies. So I rang clinic on Friday to see what time I'm booked into for FET Monday, they said they will ring me Monday at 10 to let me know and to advise me if egg has thawed ok. My Hubby had call after to say his signature on consent form for egg thaw is very faint and he needs to be in hospital by 8.30 to sign again before egg can be taken out. I'm really anxious about this, they said I'll need to hang around until egg has thawed and they'll call me. Do you think I should go down with hubby or try and relax in house while egg is thawing? I live half hour away from clinic and worried I won't get there in time if I don't go with hubby. Anyone know how long egg thaw process takes. I'm so nervous about it all that I don't want to be sat in hospital waiting for that dreaded call for too long. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you xxxx

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  • Leah_russ if i was u I would go to the clinic with him once he has signed go and do a bit of retail therapy to try and take your mind of the dreaded wait. I'm not sure how long the thaw takes 2bh I have never had any frosties but if they are bringing them out at 8.30am I would of thought u would need to be there by 12 the latest for transfer? Good luck thinking of u xx

  • Hi Leah, I had fet on Thursday. They didn't need my husband's sign for anything. They asked me to call them at 11.15 to know if the eggs thaw properly..but I got a message at 11 that I had been booked for appointment for egg transfer at 1.30...so I think u get enough time to reach hospital after you get message..when I got the message, I was working...good fr fet..

  • Hi I do know from experience that an embryo takes much less than hour to thaw when they need it to, sometimes they leave it a bit longer to assess its condition. Guess eggs must be similar? X

  • Morning ladies. My Hubby insists I go with him. I only have one embryo and it's a 5day blastocyst. Can I eat and drink before ET? Super nervous this morning already xxxx

  • Sorry for late reply...I had my lunch before I went to hospital fr transfer...

  • My consultant told me it only takes a few mins for them to thaw. Can't remember about eating and drinking, think it's fine as no sedation or anything. Good luck :)

  • Thank you. Awaiting the clinic to open now xxx

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