low level amh, maybe adoption?

Hi all. My name is Julia, I am 34 years old. And I really want to have kids.. this desire was born not a long time ago.. honestly I have been through 2 abortions in my teen years and due to that I have adhesions in my uterus. Yeas, therefore the only thing is left for me is adoption.. But as most of you I don’t know where to start, how to begin this. I know that adoption process is hard and expensive but well I think I was always meant to be a mother for those kids who have been left out of this world. Okay, as you have noticed I have been constantly reminding myself how great of an act it is – adopting a child, but honestly I don’t really think that it is for me, or maybe I am yet to be prepared.. Because as I can’t carry my own baby I have been in this devastated state of mind for weeks..

What to do..?

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  • Sorry to hear that… But I see that you are opting for adoption, but why not surrogacy? I mean, if you can’t carry a baby, you can still donate your eggs and the surro mom will carry and deliver your baby. Why not opting for it?

  • Hi, Thanks for replying. When I have been doing my tests and analysis my AMH level was and is very low, it’s like 1,2. And it’s a very bad indicator, that basically means that I have no chances to get my own baby. And how is it possible for the baby to be mine if it is going to be carried by the surro mom? I mean..

  • You know the thing is with all of those amh levels that they differ from every single case. For example me, I have started my treatment with 0,2 amh level but I had great us picture, where drs saw lots of follicles and decided that I suit the requirement. Although they gave me only 2 attempts contract, I don’t know why didn’t they allow me to sign the 5 attempts one..

    But the surrogate mother will have no connection to your baby if you are going to use your own eggs and you husband’s sperm. The ones who will be the parents of the baby are you and your hubby. Especially genetically.

  • Really they’ve accepted you with that low amh level? What kind of clinic does that? I mean that is very risky if they fail for two times? Sorry but I didn’t get what you’re talking about with those 2 attempts and 5 attempts contracts? And why couldn’t you sign the last one if you wanted so..? there are so many of tests and analysis results you need..

    Is it true?? Like if so, why do I have to look for the surrogate mother so she agrees to carry my baby if it’s not her child whatsoever?

  • But it is really necessary to see the whole picture because you may also have high amh but a small amount of follicles and if so you won’t be accepted into any treatment on your own eggs. Ave you done us picture to see if maybe you are suitable for the ie treatment? Maybe there is still a chance for you?? And you are already giving up.. Yes, before getting into the tx you will have to provide the clinic with you blood test results (like, your blood type with Rh, serology tests results that may last only 3 month, then you will have to provide them with your karyotype to see if there is no chromosome disorder, also us pictures of your breasts and uterus, plus fluorography, and if you are opting for stimulating your ovaries in order to collect the most eggs as possible you will have to get from your gp a letter that states that it is completely ok for you to undergo such a stimulation, also you medical history).

    I don’t know why they said that I can’t be accepted into 5 attempts of ivf program…

    But you don’t have to look for her in a lot of places, in my clinic the doctor is the one who chooses the surro mother. The reason why you would need to look for the surrogate is if you would want to opt for the tx in USA for example. In USA it is only altruistic surrogacy that means that the surrogate will have to agree to be your surro mother and she will carry the baby for you. But there are lot of risks and it is a bit inconvenient.

  • But aren’t every surrogacy supposed to be altruistic? Or I don't understand something?

    And judging by all of those results the clinic no matter what will tell you what the best type of the contract is for you? So I need to do all of that and maybe there will be an opportunity for me to have my own kids???? Really??

  • But I was talking about the contracts in my clinic, there are few of them but I don't know how it works in other clinic except I do know that in majority of fertility centers you just opt for 1 attempt and then another and so on. But as it is the international center I guess they have created different contracts.

    I don’t know that much about surrogacy but as far as I was informed there are different types of it.. You need to read about it.

  • Julia, I don’t see anything bad with adoption. Why not? It is hard? Yes. But if you suit all of the requirements you can be sure that eventually you will get a child out of the adopting process. But you have to understand that this will cost you a lot..

  • How much exactly, do you know? I am for US, I live in NYC and I basically am new to this world, I just have been put with the truth face to face when we decided to have kids but I was told when we were doing all of the necessary checkups that I won’t be able to carry a baby. And this is basically it apart from like we measured my amh level and fsh with lh hormones. That’s it. And they too weren’t that promising I must say..

  • If you are from states it will cost you even more than surrogacy there which basically more than 100k as far as I know. But you obviously can go internationally. I have heard of like Russia or Ukraine where you can adopt a child for the lesser cost.

  • Oh my…. That’s really expensive though. And even surrogacy.. I haven’t heard a lot about it, so I don’t know if it is even reasonable or not.. Maybe there are different types of programs or something as it is somewhere for ivf treatment?

  • I don’t think so… But you can get the baby in fertility centers abroad. They are way cheaper in terms of the tx and even better in some ways like they are faster in searching for the surros and donors and all. But yeah if you want to stay on US for the tx you will have to understand that it is very and very expensive but the quality is no doubt great, it is America in the end.

  • If you say that there are options abroad and everything like that, are they open for the citizens of other countries? And if I let’s imagine if I decide to go for a surrogacy somewhere in Europe how can I get the baby if I am not a citizen of that country? I mean, what about the documents? How are they performed? Unfortunately I didn’t think at all about the prices.. and 100k is not something our family can throw away..

  • You can’t say that you are throwing away your money if we are talking about getting a child. You are spending them wisely on something that precious and important as life. I understand that you may not have your money with you and that there are plenty of other options that are cheaper as I have mentioned but everything costs its price when we talk about fertility tx.

    Yes, those clinics are open for foreigners and they even have their websites translated so we can understand what they offer and travel to the country we choose.

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