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Hi ladies so after my first bfn this week I am now considering some changes for our 2nd cycle. I am 38 with an amh of 4.8. We got 6 eggs which I was told at the time was good for my age and amh. I am now looking into perhaps egg quality was my issue. I bought the book it's starts with the egg this week and I can't put it down!! I just wanted to ask what people's experiences of dhea are? I see them on the biovea website ..what ones are best to buy as there are loads. Have people also taken coq10 and melatonin and any other antioxidants to improve egg quality? I take general conception support tablets but want to enhance my vitamin intake this time. Also she mentions trying to reduce access to toxins such as bpa and phthalates which I had never heard of and am amazed how much they are in things. Did anyone do anything about avoiding these? I don't want to turn obsessive about this but just want to try something different this time plus am going to try to shift some weight so any advice on super foods to boost eggs whilst remaining healthy would be great too. I would be so grateful of any advice/ experience on any of the above. Xxxxx

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  • Hi vic77,

    Have a look at one of my previous posts, I did lots of research on inproving egg quality and take lots of supplements that will supposedly help e.g. High dose coq10, spirulina, wheatgrass etc.

    In one of the comments on my post I've listed everything I take.


  • Thanks orla I will do. Has it worked? Xxx

  • Orla I remember your post now.. very helpful and I followed you on instagram. I will be off to Holland and barter this weekend. I will buy dhea too I think.. I am sure in my book I saw she said to avoid royal jelly but I could be wrong as my head is mush this week. What were your thoughts about bpa and other toxins? So hope all this works for you xxxxxx oh and me☺xxxxx

  • Hi Vic77. Sorry about your BFN. You must be very disappointed and I'm very impressed that you are being so proactive for next time.

    I read that book and also couldn't believe how much bpa and phthalates seems to be in everything. I have made an effort to avoid these as much as possible. She advises not to use perfume but I think my life would be too sad without perfume but I have cut down on my usage a lot. I suppose I really should try not to wear it at all. I'm trying to use moisturiser and other products without perfume or fragrance and we have switched all our cleaning products over to an eco friendly type which I hope will be slightly better than the other options. It's very hard though but I'm just trying to think that it must be better than before!

    As for the supplements I'm too scared to take anything other than folic acid. You are right that she does advise against Royal Jelly. I have heard of women taking DHEA and getting good results but then I've read that other women don't react so well. It might be worth a try though.

    Sending you lots of best wishes for your future treatment. Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi vic77 I am around the same age you with an AMH level of 7.19 though that was taken before my first cycle and im about to embark on cycle 2. I also had 6 eggs collected, 1 of which was dead and we had 3 fetilise. However things went downhill after that and none really developed after day 2 so we had nothing to transfer. We originally got told that I may have been over medicated (I took ages to down regulate and longer than usual to stimulate) which may have affected the egg quality however they then kind of changed this theory and said it was likely my age/egg quality. So I asked about DHEA and the embryologist said that he had heard some good stories and there was no harm in trying, Our consultant also echoed this and told us that there was some emerging evidence from small studies that showed DHEA had a postitive affect however there are no definitive tests for egg quality. Any way Ive been taking it in the lead up to this cycle so will see how I get on this time. Ive also got some changes to the meds Ive to take for downregulation and Ive been put on aspirin so will be hard to pin down if I do better whats made the changes. Just though it was worth a try after seeing some positive stories on here and having the Drs both say they thought it was worth a try!xx

  • I am going to take it what's to loose apart from maybe some hair apparently 😉how much do you take, where do you get it as biovea website has so many options vegetarian etc.. Oh good luck and I hope it works for you. 4 of our eggs fertilized and two made it to day 3 for transfer however 1 only just made it so I do think quality was an issue and will do anything I can to improve for our 2 nd cycle


  • I think Ive had a bit of hair loss but nothing noticeable, just on my brush and in the shower. I have had a couple of spots around period time but other than that nothing much really. I got mine my biovea, I got the 25mg 300g tablets. Im like you, I'll try anything! Im still suspicious that it could have beern over medication that affected egg quality as this is my second cycle but the hospital said that if I do better this them then they wont count the first one as a cycle so fingers crossed. I'll post how I get on so you can see if the DHEA gives any better yield of eggs! Thank you for your well wishes and good luck to you too!xx

  • Thanks for your message City74. It means a lot. I am having down days but trying to be proactive and focussing on this is making me feel better and like I am doing something at least. I couldn't believe how much toxins were in things too so I am going to try to minimise my access where possible knowing it is only short term so nail polish off, perfume away. What cosmetic products do you now use and yes replacing cleaning products too.. anything that may help and hopefully doesn't make me too obsessive and skint!!! Hope you are good xxxx

  • Yes I was really shocked about the nail polish too. I love getting my nails done and I've decided that as soon as I've either had a baby or given up (not that I want to of course!) I'm going to go and get my nails done. I think I will try and cut down my perfume use even more and now only use it if I'm actually going out not just going to work or something.

    I've found some good products that seem to be a bit less toxic than the ones I was using. I've found Sanex do a really good shower gel and also a bubble bath. There are no phthalates in them or perfume or anything like that. They come in clear packaging and I think might be called something like 0%. I use Aveeno daily moisturising cream which hasn't got any parabens or perfume. I tried to find shampoos and conditioners which didn't contain any toxins but the ones I tried made my hair look and feel horrible. I decided to compromise and I use a Garnier perfume (I think with oats and milk) that is paraben free but might have other things in it.

    Let me know if you have any other ideas! xx

  • Hey City74 . I totally know what you mean I love painting my nails and will splurge in time on a lovely manicure. I see all this as short term and going to give it my all as making me feel better. I just been to tesco and was amazed at how many paraben free products I now noticed. Nivea pure and natural, yes sanex stuff and palmers body lotions, natural world shampoos and garnier deodrant😀😀I had never heard of parabens before yesterday. Also to top my improved mood the hospital rang to say the consultants will be looking at our case next week and making recommendations perhaps to alter our treatment to give us more chances of success and also that I only need to have two periods before trying again😀all good news. Where are you at with cycle? Xxxx

  • Hi Vic. Glad you are feeling more positive and you can try again in a couple of months.

    I've got a nurse appointment a week on Wed and then I think I start with my next period after that which should be mid-November. Am on the short protocol so should know by Christmas whether it has worked or not. Which protocol are you on? Am bit scared about the injections but am willing to do it if there is a chance could have a baby. How did you find the injections?

    I was having a down day the other day because I realised that my period will be coming soon as I have all the symptoms. I feel not so bad now though because we have our appointment soon and then will be starting.

    Hope you have a good weekend xx

  • That is great you have a timescale now sooooo exciting. Now wouldn't that be the best Xmas pressie🎄🎄🎄you know my husband and I kind of went through our first cycle in shock and bewilderment and never really asked many questions so I haven't a clue what protocol we were on. I had an initial pros tap injection on day 21 then a few weeks later started on 10 days of daily injections of Gonal f and luveris before egg collection. My wonderful husband did the injections and to be honest we just got used to them and tried to see the funny side of it all. I got lots of headaches and generally felt exhausted so took time off work which helped as just chilled and watched trash TV and mentally prepared myself for the collection and transfer bits. You must stay positive and excited now as this is really happening and you will be fine..any questions ask away. Xxxxxx

  • Hey vic,

    I see some people have written about royal jelly to be avoided. I can't remember where I read it was good for egg quality but I did read that somewhere and I took royal jelly tablets for about 6 weeks before egg collection.

    I can't say if it definitely works or not but I had 19 eggs and of those 18 were 'mature'.


  • I read it starts with the egg and it really gives you hope that you can have an impact on the quality of your eggs as the doctors just said point blank there is nothing that i could do (I was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve) there is so much in the book it's hard to know what to take I can't believe all the toxins in everyday lotions and canned foods so that was easy to change santex 0% soap and deorant I'm using Dr organic shampoo and conditioner bit stange at first but I've been using for a few months and think it's so much better for my hair I use to suffer from a flaky scalp before and now I've changed to this shampoo no more problems and the soap feels so gentel on your skin. Also bought a organic fake tan and will slowly replace make up where i can going forward. I've thrown out all my plastic tupper ware and replaced with glass and avoiding buying any tinned food or using cling film. I'm currently taking the standard pre conception vitimins, cod liver oil, extra follic acid and daily 300 mg ubiquinol Co q10 daily had to buy this off the Internet. I'm due to start ivf in march so will be taking DHEA nearer the time, best of luck to all you ladies I pray we all get our happy ending xxx

  • Hi nmill i know I found the book a fascinating read and wished I had know all this stuff before cycle 1. Oh well. We went to Holland and Barrett today and I will now be rattling with all these vitamins 😜 also we bout some Eco cleaning products today too and I bought eat myself pregnant book.. I see that these changes regardless will be good for us.wishing you so much luck too xxxx

    Ps I am going to try dhea this time too xx

  • Hi vic77

    Sorry for some reason I didn't see your ther reply to my post in this thread sorry!!

    The cookbook is fab isn't it, I've made the mango cream parfait, the quick almond butter bread, granola, butternut squash soup, all tasty and gives you good distraction of positive things to focus on!

    When we first started ttc like literally 2 years ago when we naively thought it would just happen naturally, I swapped a lot of my products for "healthy" ones but I have to admit I've skipped back to using whatever. You've inspired me to get it all back going. I came across dr bronner products on Amazon - they smell divine I'll get some names but just search dr bronner. There is this massive bottle of "soap" in both peppermint and almond which can be dlituted at various ratios and used for body wash, hand wash, surface cleaners, washing up liquid and etc. I read that antibacterial handwash is really bad so I used the peppermint bronner stuff as peppermint is good antibacterial.

    My husband bought me Coco madamoiselle pour les cheveux - the proper Chanel but to put on your hair rather than skin.

    I also used salt crystal deodorant which you can get in holland and Barrett.

    I have read about Tupperware that it should be avoided but that it's ok as long as you don't heat it - e.g. Don't heat your soup up on the tub itself, and when you make a big batch of soup let it cool before pouring it in.

    I decided to stick with the Royal jelly as I read it everywhere to take it.

    Let me know any good products you find and good luck to us both!xx

  • Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Pure-Castile Soap, 18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint, 32-Ounce Bottle



  • Hey Orla9298 loveky to hear from you and thanks for the advice. We are having such a giggle finding all these weird ingredients in her cook book..never heard of half of them..and it's really helped take our minds off things to weekend. We are going to give her 5 day detox thing a go in a few weeks as still a few weird ingredients to source. I have just baked the lemon and blueberry muffins and we are about to sit down for a cuppa and try them so will let you know how they tasted. Also toasted the cashew nut snack thingy for a wee beer treat later too 😀I found products in tesco like sanex, palmers, burts bees, eco and method cleaning products and found hand gel and hand wash and shampoo..will get names to you. I saw the stuff you recommended today in whole foods. I have also bought glass water bottles and will avoid Tupperware..yes here's hoping it all works. We went to Holland and Barrett yesterday to get supplements..if ok I may message you to tell you what we got as you seem to have done lots of research 😀keep in touch and share your paraben free stories for a giggle😀 xxxx

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