Ask diane, period post miscarriage

Hi Diane

I'm a little confused( as usual😋)

I had a beta of 24 on Saturday so guess by now it should be 0 as it was 378 Monday, 99 Thursday, 24 Saturday.

The doctor said to expect a period in 4-7weeks, then after the period not to worry about TTC. She said wait for the period as I was full of ovules and risked multiples.

Today i started to bleed. It's filling a sanitary pad and the water is red when I wee.

Is this classed as a period? They think we conceived mid September and I had a bleed which I thought was a period the 3rd sept. Then took the pill for 21 days, ready to start stimming. Had another bleed 26 September. Nothing since.

I'm confused😞

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  • Hi Miraclebeliever. Seems as if it is, as you're bleeding almost 4 weeks after the last bleed you had starting on 26th September. Hopefully when this has finished you will revert back to your normal cycle. Good luck! Diane

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