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Period before stims

Hi everyone

Im Day 8 of bursulin injections. My nurse said expect to bleed while on the injections. I have scan booked for next Wednesday and she said bring with me the stims injections if everything is good I can start then. I was just wondering if I haven't had a period would I still be able to start if everything is fine with the scan?

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I'm not a big expert in this field but I think everything will be ok. She just said to expect bleed while on injections but didn't tell you that would be, to my mind, you better consult your doctor and she will tell you everything. All people are different and the reaction as well. So, you'll see soon if that works or not. Try to think positive


Hey, i had my down reg appointment yesterday and I hadn't had a very big bleed at all and had the same worries as you. My lining was fine and all good to go. One of the other ladies here said its possible that the lining gets absorbed rather than shed for you to bleed.

Just make sure you tell her everything and they will let you know what is best for you hun!

Good Luck :) xx


I'm on day 8 of DR aswell and no sign of a bleed yet. My scan is a week tomorrow (I guess to fit in with their scan schedule!).

Well be a few days behind you in treatment. Pregnancy tests near mothers day (if all goes to the planned schedule). Hopefully a good time to test x


Don't know the answer on this one but wishing u the best of luck x


Hi Emmafscerri. That's nearly a week away until you have your scan, so hopefully you will have down regulated enough by then. Good luck with the stims. Thinking of you. Diane


Thanks everyone for your replies. I have had a few period cramps but nothing as of yet! Fingers crossed it's all okay for Wednesday. 😊


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