Egg collection

Well I made it through egg collection yesterday I slept through the whole thing still really sore but managing with the paracetamol. Had a call from the clinic this morning I had 37 eggs collected! 31 was injected as we has ICSI and 20 have fertilised so happy with the result just need to wait to see how many make it to day 5 and I am having a FET. Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well stay positive it will all be worth it in the end xxxx

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  • Wow that's amazing well done!! I'm going for egg collection tomorrow xx

  • Good luck you will be fine fingers crossed for good results xxx

  • Wow that's great news xxx

  • Wow that's a good number..hope you get good news for your egg transfer.

  • Wow 37 that's unbelievable! ! And 20 fertilised amaxing xx

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