I'm new here- Egg donation- choosing a clinic abroad

Faced with a 6 month waiting list for a egg donor at my local clinic I am considering having treatment abroad. Can anyone recommend a country in Europe which is held in good regard for screening, matching, results and speaking English? I'd prefer my hoped for child to be able to know who their donor was or be able to trace them, know something about them, so not anonymous like the UK would be great. I wish their was a HFEA equivalent for mainland Europe clinics..... Thank you for any helpful pointers or opinions:o)

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  • Hey cancan

    In Spain the laws are completely anonymous, I am matched physically and I am allowed to know a little about the donor but I can not know her name or trace her.

    It's different in the UK, you don't know anything about the donor at the time apart from characteristics but when your child is 18 they have a right to find out who their egg mother is, so not completely anonymous.

    I know in Russia and America you know who your donor is and can spend time with them etc and you choose from photos.

    I'm afraid I don't know if this exists in The EU or whether they are similar to Spain and/or the U.K.


  • I've just read a post from a lady called veronicamaar about biotech in the Ukraine, they let you choose your own donor apparently. This may be what you're looking for xx

  • Hi, you can compare clinics on eggdonationfriends.com/clinics/ or complete their online questionnaire, and you will get the list of fertility clinics that best suit yr needs. I hope this is of some help. All the best x

  • Hi Cancan - are you still looking for info on this? I just got my bfp after egg donor IVF in Greece and am happy to PM you more info if you want. Great English speaking clinic with people that have worked in the UK and no wait. Donor stays anonymous although you choose whether to approve the donors they match for you - they matched everything about my donor to me and my husband from blood group, physical characteristics, even to my interests and they looked at things like her hair colour as a child was blonde like my husband's before she went dark like he did (and I am). x

  • Hi please could you send me the details, we are currently looking for after xmas using DE. We are looking at the moment at two clinics one in Barcelona and one on Cyrus but still open to other options.

    Did it work first time using DE?

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