Anyone else had the same??

So I've had my scan this morning and some measure 10 mm and on my left 1 at 9mm and lots of little ones... the endometrial lining was over 7 mm...which is good she told me as that's what they want.

They have put the gonal dose up, and I'm re scanning Monday, has anyone else had this where the follicles aren't the size but seen an improvement by the next scan?

Because if nothing improved by Monday they they will be looking to abort the cycle 😒

Thank you in advance xx

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  • Oh no sorry to hear that. I think my follicles were something like 14mm and one was 16mm she said that was good for someone with my low ovarian reserve. She did say that most girls on my protocol took a lot longer to respond so it could be quite common what you're facing. Really hope it's good news for you xx

  • Hi emma-jane-30 I understand your worry. I have had two cycles of natural modified IVF (both for freezing) which meant starting Gonal F on Day 5 and EC scheduled for Day 11. I'm a slow responder. First time EC was Day 17 and 2nd was Day 21. With my protocol I am scanned every other day and was suggested I'd have to abandon the 2nd cycle but blood tests showed my oestradiol levels were rising so managed to continue until follicles reached the right size. Are you having regular blood tests? After reading on here I used a hot water bottle on my tum to stimulate growth. Fingers crossed for you for Monday. xx

  • Thank you Mango100 for you reply it was really helpful, no I'm not having bloods done they were all done before hand, but they are no just scanning me every other day as long as there is some growth on Monday xx

  • Hey, don't panic just yet! I was the same as you, I had a stim for a bit long and started using a hot water bottle to help things along. Mine grew, I was just a bit slow! A lot can happen in a few days!!xx

  • Cinderella5 thabk you so much for your reply, you have made me feel loads better hearing that you were the same, were you on the short protocol?

    I'm gunna get the hot water bottle out tonight and fingers crossed there is some improvement by Monday so that I can just continue injecting till they get to the right size. Xx

  • I was on long protocol but I definitely think the hot water bottle helped! Hopefully if they see improvement they will just let you carry on a bit longer! All the best for Monday, I've got my fingers crossed for you!x

  • Yeah they have said as long as there is an improvement on Monday then I can carry on and will just get scanned again weds thank you for your help and advise, xx

  • I was on short protocol, my gonal-f injections were increased slightly then they started growing very fast. I went on to have 16 eggs collected, 5 fertilised, 1 transferred day 5 blastocyst and only 1 in freeze. Today was test day and it was positive πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™‚πŸ£

  • Omg that is absolutely amazing Lottypepper86 congratulations!! And thank you for sharing as that has really helped, was this your first go?

    And do you mind if you can tell me what does of gonal you were on and then what they upped your does to after? Xx

  • Thank you 😊

    I started on 112.5 then they upped it to 250.0

    I was high risk for OHSS so had to be extra careful as I had lots of follicles. I suffer with PCOS.

    What dose are you taking Hun? Hope it all works out well for you x

  • I'm the same they started me in 150, and now they have upped me to 225, and re scanning me Monday so I just pray that they have grown so I don't have to abort the cycle.

    They are also the same with be trying to be careful as I suffer also with PCOS.

    Well hopefully by hearing your story that make me pray that mine will grow, how many days did you take the higher does for?


  • I'm sure you will be just fine, that stuff was very effective especially when they increased the dosage.

    By the way, yeah it was my 1st go. Hopefully I continue to have a healthy baby and non complicated pregnancy πŸ™‚ Xx

  • That's brilliant, well you have made me feel loads better and I hope you have a nice complicated free pregnancy Hun xx

  • Thank you , I wish you all the best sweetie x

  • They said the same to be about aborting the whole cycle if non responsive but think they just have to prepare you just in case. X

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