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Quick criteria question!

Been told today I can start the route of IVF on the NHS and tube removal yay!

However, they've never asked about my partner, he's Spanish, he has never paid taxes here or lived here doesn't have an NIE etc, will they deny me NHS funding once they find out?

I meet all the criteria!

We've been living & working in Spain but I've been dealing with the medical side in the UK flying back and forth, now we are going to live in UK for foreseeable future.

Will this be a problem?

Thank you! X

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I live in Spain now, pay taxes etc here. In spain you get 3 tries, if I were you and it's possible that you've worked, paid taxes and have a nie I'd do it in spain. Both you and your partner will need tests and medication.


Thank you for replying.

It isn't worth doing it Spain for us, it has taken me 2 years of surgeries, tests etc to get to the point where the NHS are willing to remove my tubes now and I dont want to risk losing that chance and start all over again.

That's good to know for the future though, thank you! X

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Aaah ok honey, good luck on your journey🙏💕

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Hey Hun.

My partner is also European but he has lived here and paid taxes for the past 10 years and to be honest as soon as you say he's not British there's all sorts of paper work you have to send them. And one of the criteria's was to prove that he has lived in the U.K for at least 3 consecutive years. It's worth calling the NHS finance department and finding out before you start filling in all the paper work.

Good luck xx


Thank you so much! I shall ring them today! Xx

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Hello again! I can't seem to find the number to ring, do you happen to have it? Do I need to get him residency? Or a BRP? We are willing to wait 3 years if we have to, but want to make sure we do everything right in those 3 years! Thank you so much for telling this before! Xx


Hey Hun,

We just called the number on our funding application?! I'm not sure what you need but we just sent P60 (to show he's been paying tax) his European National Health No, Copy of utility bills, copy of mortgage and passports etc. Do you know where you would be having it done? If I were you I would call the center directly and have a chat to the finance department. They will be able to tell you everything. They're all SO helpful honestly.

I wouldn't wait 3 years hun, by then we will be completely out of EU and laws would have changed :( (yes still getting over Brexit) haha.

Good luck hun xx


Are you sure you meet all the criteria? Because you need to have been living in the area that will be paying for your funding for at least a year, and you need to be registered with a GP in that area for at least a year as well.

We had been going through the system for a while had all the tests and investigations, laparoscopy etc, and then moved area and registered at a new GP practice. When we came to the stage where the consultant was ready to refer us to the clinic for actual treatment, they checked whether we had been living in the area for a year, and had been registered with our GP for a year – which of course we hadn’t. Our treatment was delayed by a whole year until we’d been living there long enough.

We appealed given that we had been under investigation in a different area and had been TTC for 10 years but it was no use, they are really fussy about it when it comes to the stage of referring you for the IVF.

Please check because you don’t want to get to that stage and be told you no longer qualify, like what happened to us.


I didn't get my residency in Spain so that I could keep with my GP, been with the GP in my area for 5 years and I've been here almost a year now and have proof of that, it just my fiancé is the problem.

Sorry that happened to you,methane you for sharing because I didn't know that bit either! X


You were a lot more sensible than me! But no one ever told me about that criteria point - and really it's not like I could have not moved house to ensure I stayed eligible anyway. I assume your fiance is moving over now? Is he already registered with a GP? If not do it as soon as you can, and add him to the electoral roll at your UK address. As far as I am aware it's only when it comes to the actual treatment that they look at the criteria in terms of time here etc. And it wouldn't affect your operation to have your tubes removed anyway.

Do you know the waiting list for IVF in your area?


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