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after some advice

Hi all

me and my partner want to try for another baby we have decided to use our last embryo I have started the process at the clinic and we have our information session next week.

My partner is 55 and Im 31 we have a 6 month old son from our first ICSI cycle,. during the winter my partner works in the french alps as he has a business out there and I would like to go out and our son would be with us too I did live out there for 2 seasons before my son so i do know the area well. I said to my partner if we are gonna live out there wouldnt it be better to do the treatment next yr but he said hes getting older so dosent want to wait any longer. I stayed home last year as I was heavily pregnant with my son I just dont know what to do cos If I stay here he still has to go out there to work and our son wouldnt see his dad etc xx

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Hi Ro5ie. I think that if it were me, I would go for the FET now, as you are a nice age to treat. Try not to worry about travelling afterwards, as i have many ladies who travel back from the USA and Europe the same day following ET. I do wish you well with this, and good luck! Diane


Thank you for your response Diane . We have decided to go ahead with it and if it does work hopefully then I can always fly home for scans etc xx


Hi Ro5ie. Oh I do hope all works out well for you. Perhaps you could arrange for scans etc to be done in France?? Diane


is that possible if my treatment is done here?


Hi Ro5ie. Why not ask, as often clinics operate satellite clinics and can arrange scans etc to save on travelling. Often done with Spain and Greece, so hopefully you could get something sorted in France. Good luck! Diane


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