No heartbeat at 6w6d


I had my first scan yesterday as I had icsi and am 6weeks and 6 days and was told they could see the sac but couldn't get a heartbeat. They have told me to come back in a week but that there is a slim chance it will have worked. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm preparing myself it hasn't worked but by other half keeps telling me to be strong and have hope.

Thanks x

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  • You poor thing!! You must be filled with worry. I am afraid my pregnancy did not get that far so I cannot advise. I know it is easier said than done but please try and stay calm and positive because you never know. This process can be so cruel and you have gotten this far so you should be proud of yourself. I will be praying for you my love. Let us know if you want to talk. Please keep us posted. Big hugs. xx

  • Thanks just feels surreal, I suppose it's almost once you get a positive test you sort of allow yourself to think it could happen x I'm sorry your pregnancy did not progress. It just seems like a cruel cruel world at times x x I think they were trying to prepare me for the worst.

  • Just wanted to say am sorry to hear this news. I have read though stories of women who have not had a heartbeat at this stage but then heard one a week later. It is really hard and of course you will be worried but I'll be thinking of you and I really hope it's good news at your next scan.

  • Thanks city74....I really hope it is too but preparing myself for the worst as they said it was a slim chance.

  • I want to wish you the best and I am sure that everything will be amazing, you will get great news and you will look at the past worries and laugh. Take care of yourself and relax. I know that it doesn't sound that comforting but this is the best thing you can do. Stay positive!

  • Thank you x x just feels crazy and like it's not happening to me x

  • I know hun, it is always like this... But I want you to know that everything will be great and you will finally make a super positive and happy post here. And we all will be congratulating you. Just think about it because it does work. I was imagining every single night how I am holding my kids and how they are happily asleep. And my dreams came true regardless of what I came through.

    Good luck hun!

  • Hi babez am so so sorry ur gping through this i also went through this at same time as u told no heart beat then when i went back the wk after was told id have an inevitable miscarriage as baby had no heart beat still and i should prepare myself..but ive also heared on here ladies havin no heart beat at this stage but having a heart beat at their nxt scan so it still could happen for u to i pray nxt wk u see a little heart beat...i will pray for u and ur little 1..keep intouch add me is u like and feel free 2 pm me if u want anymore info or just some1 to listen x x x

  • It's just awful isn't it...I think they were just preparing me for the worst to be honest. I haven't had any bleeding and my boobs have been sore but that could be all the hormones I'm taking. I can't believe I have a week to wait x did you have a mc? I hope you didn't x x have added you x

  • Yes i passed my little one at 7 wks the pain was unreal even tho i was only 7 wks the dr said its coz my body was contracting..hope it all goes well for u and u see tht little heart beat nxt wk i no its so hard 2 wait tht long but i do no people who their little ones had no heart beat at just over 6 wks then the wk later seen a nice strong heart beat so dont give up babez xxx

  • πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ prayers and luck for you Hun xxx

  • Not quite the same situation, but I know how you feel.

    We had a heartbeat from the beginning, but the size/growth was too small. Had to have repeated scans and then the heartbeat slowed down.

    The day we were told that, I knew in my heart it was game over...I cried like i'd already been told it had gone. Friends told me to stay positive whilst there was a heartbeat, but I just knew and began preparing my mind set.

    Did they offer to do any blood tests whilst you wait for your next scan?

    When I was researching my scenario, you do read about people where heartbeats have either been not present/slow at the beginning and they have a happy ending.

    Stay strong x

  • Oh I'm so sorry to hear your is so cruel. I think deep down I know and I'm not expecting good news, or I'm trying to prepare myself.

    Hope it all works out for you x x

  • Thank you x

    Look after yourself

  • Hi

    This happens to me last year over Xmas. nothing had changed in one week for us sadly. Try and stay positive and I have heard of people going back and it all being ok. I know exactly what your going through. sending you positive vibes xx

  • Oh missy_22 I'm so sorry to hear's just awful isn't it. I think they were just trying to prepare me for the worst. Thanks for the positive vibes x

  • Fingers crossed for God news for you as there are women who do get a heartbeat next time they go. I was 7 weeks when I went for a scan no heartbeat had a ERPC two weeks ago . Have struggled to get through this especially beinb42 was probably my last go at IVF . I'm so hoping for you X πŸ€πŸ€

  • Oh you poor love, I remember being told like I don't think the brain can understand it at first, it's just so awful...I thought I'm pregnant that's wrong... but nothing prepares you for news you heard ..thinking of you...give your self time to will come through this but takes time..big hugs xxxx

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