I can’t believe this!

Finally I have been able to call myself pregnant haha! Ok, my name is Amelia! I live in Dubai, we moved here because of my husband’s work..

I am very happy and joyful because it has been our 12 week of my pregnancy! I mean, this treatment was SUCCESSFUL!!! Finally! You can’t imagine how happy I am. I have been smiling without a stop for hours. Yaaaay. We made it to 12 week! Finally I can calm down and enjoy my life even though there are months and months before me. But we made it!

We made it even after all of the fails we have experienced. It is an incredible feeling truly. When you get to 12 week of the pregnancy and even before that when you get your positive test result, your HCG is more than 5k and TWINS. We had egg donor ivf treatment, it was collected 12 eggs from the donor and after the fertilization 8 of them were AA+ quality. Can you imagine? I have never got something like that. My 3 previous tx on my own eggs ended up transferring 1 or 2 embryos on the 3 day because all of them were like B quality or worse and they couldn’t survive till the 5 th day when the transfer is actually performed.

My clinic had transferred 3 embryos on the blastocyst stage and 2 of them survived! I mean, can you believe that? It’s just… something unbelievable and undeniably awesome!!!

If not this I wouldn’t be able to travel to another country again for the tx, I would just be sure that it is fate, that I won’t be mother in this life at least.

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  • Wow!!! Congrats!

    Did you want twins? Were you opting for having them? Or it was a grand surprise for you and your hubby? xx

  • No, of course we didn’t plan that at all, we were praying for just one embryo to stick and survive but we were blessed with two! Twins, it is amazing. The best news I have ever had honestly. I don’t think that there is something better that could make me even happier than this. Yes yes it was huge surprise to both of us, we as I sad didn’t expect something like this at all.

  • Congratulations honey!!! It is amazing! I mean, you have been through a lot and finally you made it! Congratulations!!

    PS they have transferred 3 embryos? I mean, I have never heard of such a thing, is it fine, isn’t it too much?

  • Thank you!! No, it is not a lot, I have read the laws and it is stated that in Ukraine it is legal to transfer up to 3 embryos and I’d loved it if they transferred more than 3 to have greater chances to conceive but it was enough to transfer just 3 of them so.. Oh my god I can’t believe this!

  • Really three embryos? Okay, that’s nice that you have done your research before starting the treatment! Wish you the best for all of the months that are left. :)

  • Yeah, we done our research after we have been through some unpleasant experience with another international clinic but it wasn’t in Ukraine though. You know we went for a big risk when decided to travel to Ukraine. At first I even thought of declining my dh’s proposition to try and look at Ukrainian clinics, but when we decided to just fly there and look at how all of them look in real life it was the moment where our new life was created. Now I am very thankful to my dh for being that insistent and literally begging me to make my first step into this new fertility world. Huh. I am so happy and feel like crying.. I feel like I am in Heaven!

  • Props to your husband for not letting you stop! See how important it is to not give up? Even if doctors tell you that you should just stop and nothing will ever work out don’t listen to them and maybe trying looking for another clinic which is a lot better than if you just stop. I have heard of lots of woman who have been able to conceive naturally or even carry the baby in their 70s. It is all because of their insistency; they didn’t stop and went forward attempting to make their dreams come true.

  • Okay, you are right, but how will you know that you won’t succeed if you don’t try? You basically can lose your chance of getting what you want. Do you remember, years ago there has been this article about a woman who have managed to conceive through ivf donation program in Ukraine but the doctors transferred 4 embryos into her uterus because they said that she was too old and the chances for her to conceive were the lowest out of all. But when she got her HCG it was more than 8 thousand and all of the 4 embryos survived. Doctors told her to come to the clinic for the reduction procedure but she refused claiming that she will be able to deliver all of them safely.

  • But what would you do in this kind of situation? Would you follow what your doctor says or rather decide on your own?

  • Of course I would follow what the doctors would say, I don’t think that what they did was completely wrong I think that there are still lots of stupid law all over the world, like for example those that forbid abortions. And if I was told to go to the clinic so they could do checkup, I would travel there. As I have told you we were really blessed to have twins. I didn’t command it to doctors but they have said that we still can have a chance to get twins if we want. I think that 3 embryos to transfer is very and very great thing because it boosts our chances to get pregnant.

  • You can command twins? How?

  • I had 3 put back in Cyprus its normal when going abroad. I was in fact going to have 4 but the law changed in Cyprus to 3 Max so we went for that :)

  • Wow amazing Hun and twins perfect . Congratulation 👶👶😃

  • Thank you!!! Yes, Twins, you know I wasn't even thinking about having them but we are here at our 12 week with twins in my belly. Oh my god.


  • Bless u Hun I know is amazing feeling 👶😃 God bless me with one in my belly 😍I'm gonna be 12 weeks this Sunday coming 😃Still can believe every time I say ...I'm pregnant ☺️☺️ Xxx

  • Me too, this is a magical time for us, we should spend every second of it wisely and make as many memories as we can. i haven't imagine myself being pregnant at all, pregnancy made me complete, i know that it may sound really ignorant but i now feel myself as a real woman. it is unbelievable..

    i totally understand you! have a happy pregnancy :)

  • Thank u ammymommy . I couldn't imagine my self either to be pregnant ...this dream I though will never come true . I was always ready to be a mum and over 4 years ago when we decide to try for baby we find out that is me with fertility problem . I felt devastated ..I felt like failer ...I didn't feel wife and woman . I felt bad knowing how bad my hubby want to be a dad . Hun I understand u very well becouse become pregnant it make me feel finally complete us a woman ☺️ U know when us family members asking what we want for us upcoming Birthday we simply saying we don't need anything ...we have everything we ever wanted 😍 I really wish u too healthy pregnancy Hun and please keep us updating 😃Xx

  • Wow...congratulations...enjoy your pregnancy...

  • Thank you hun xo's

  • Congrats! Such amazing news!! xos

    PS I am interested in this one thing. You said that you were getting you treatment internationally? Why?

  • Honestly.. because of the prices, I was googling a lot and I found out that it’d be cheaper to get the tx done in the international clinic than elsewhere. Of course when we only started the tx we weren’t that experienced and we did make some mistakes like we have only found out about my current clinic where I have been getting the tx after our 3 ivf round. and it was even cheaper than our previous one.

  • Really? You know even if it is I felt so tired of that, getting stimulated, spending my money on the medications and everything. We were blessed to even find the clinic that supplied us with all of the necessary medications and other things needed. It was pure luck I must say!

  • What are you trying to say about medications? The clinic gives you those? I haven’t even heard of such a thing, maybe the price of the meds is included in the payment for the actual treatment? But it is great to have hem included though you won’t have to look for them in all of the apothecaries in the city..

  • But if your stimulation goes wrong, you will have to start all over again, how is it possible for them to give back all of the money for the meds if you haven't been successful or will they just not include the price for the meds in your next contract or something? I don’t see how it is logical to buy the meds on your own and start the stimulation when the contract stopped I can be wrong of course but isn’t it how it works like everywhere??

  • Huge congratulations to you, what a lovely post to read x x x

  • Thank you! Yeah, I like reading about other's happiness too xo's

  • Congratulations. Thanks for sharing your story. I wish you all the best honey. Enjoy every moment. Xx

  • Thank you so much! it was very kind of you to leave here such a kind message. i will enjoy every single moment, even when I was at the clinic, when we were praying for everything to went well, even for a single embryo, we were asking God for just one to stick, the lining was average nothing wonderful or amazing, but two of the embryos could stick and even though we have lost the third one, it is not something that would make me sad, i prefer to focus on the future of our family. i have seen how my embryos were classified as b, bc and to receive a quality embies was a real shock for us.


  • Words can't express how very pleased I am for you...me and the wife wish you all the very best. #FanstaticNews

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