My husband and I went and got our blood work done today finally. These were just to check for AMH and we don't have HEP or HIV. The nurse said it takes about 3 weeks for the results then the doctors will decide on my protocol based on the results then post out what stuff I need? I am a little confused that there is not another appointment to discuss the protocol with you? Do they just send you all the information and the drugs and an expected start date? She also said if I have normal levels I will have to down regulate which is a nasal spray, if I have high levels I wont have to down regulate but she didn't say what would happen if I had low AMH? xXx

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  • Hey Hun each clinic different but my bloods only took a weekk. After my initial consultation I had another appointment with my nurse and she went through my amh blood results and which protocal I would be on. She went through what will happen during ivf and we went through when my day 21 would be. If your unsure call your clinic back xx

  • At least you got other appointments id rather that because then if I had questions or concerns I could voice them but I feel like I'm just getting left to crack on until my baseline scan which she thinks will be early next year. I don't want to jump the gun just yet because she said if they had any concerns about the blood work we would get called back in but if nothing is wrong and everything is normal then its just a waiting game :-S x

  • FYI my amh was low for my age but normal for ivf. They look for over 5 and mine is 8.4

  • My amh was below 5 and I still qualified for ivf on nhs xx

  • Hey Hun that's good! My clinic said that would do ivf but look at other treatments etc

  • Hi CE,

    We have to wait for a planning appointment, I had my AMH done prior to the IVF appointment, on the planning appointment they teach you about injecting, consent forms etc. But every clinic is different. The doctor has completed my prescription (I'm on short protocol due to low AMH) and they deliver the drugs via a company to my home. Maybe call them back and see if they do a planning appointment. P.s- my AMH blood results took 2 weeks, but I chased the lab to get the result. xx

  • We have already done all the forms and had all the checks done. Today was the AMH,HIV,HEP blood tests so that for us is everything so I don't think we will need a planning appointment as we have done everything required. We just need to wait and see what's happening with my AMH then wait on the spray being sent xx

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