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First scan on stims

Hi all, had my first scan since starting Gonal F this morning, seemed to be ok, lining looking good which is good news. Not too sure how many follicles are good at this point, had 5 on one side and 6 on the other, some measuring well and a few quite small. She also said she could see fluid but she wasn't sure where it was and was going to show the pics to the Dr and wait and see if it was still there next time, didn't really say much more than this, has anyone else had this happen? never saw fluid anywhere on my baseline scan, thanks for any advice :) x

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Hi there, can't shed any light on fluid. Your ovarian response sounds reasonable, as quite a few follicles.

Maybe she found a cyst. You could ask to talk on the phone with the doctor she reviewed the pics with...

Also, try asking Nurse Diane - she's on the phone line tmrw. She's lovely. And she knew all about a cyst I had (sac of fluid on my ovary.... but surely your nurse wud have said cyst at scan if that was what it was). Anyway ,Duane may have lots of experience.... in fact if you get hold of your clinic doc, then you'll hopefully have more into to chat to Diane.

Best wishes with it all! Xx


Hi pMauz. Just read your post and hope by now you have some answers as to what the fluid is they have mentioned. Occasionally fluid can develop in the tubes or in one of the follicles developing on the ovaries. This may need t be drained. However, it can sometimes go on its own. 15 follicles would be good, but you have time for more to develop. Hope all goes well. Diane


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