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Hi, so im back at my clinic thursday for a review after not getting enough eggs for collection. My clinic insist i dont have low AMH and just say im a slow responder, yet my first clinic said i did have low amh.

If i am just a slow responder is it worth asking clinic about DHEA and taking it or is it only if u have low reserves?

I am going to ask my clinic thurs but also want to sound like i know what im talking about

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  • Hey Hun what's your amh level?

  • I think they said 14 but not 100%

  • If its 14 that's good hun! Mine is 8.4. low for my age as I'm 29 years old. But not low for ivf as they prefer over 5 x

  • 🙁 they did have me on long protcol and said they may change me to different protcol ( the same protcol as my first clinic had me on even though they called my first clinic for putting me on it). Siigghhh its so frustrating as to know which way to turn now.

  • simply-fertility.com/patien... have a look at this link! X

  • Thank you will have a look 😊

  • That's ok :) maybe call to confirm what your levels are. I was told if my amh was fine then it will be long protocal and if it was low it would be short protocal. But mine is fine for ivf now but low for my age and they have me on long protocal. Iv been taking wheat grass powder in my spinach shakes. It tastes vile! The things us ladies do to make sure we are eating healthy lol x

  • They were on about putting me on antagonist protocol which i got 7 follicles on my first go.

    I will see them thursday and hopefully get my faith back in them.

    Uurrrgghh doesnt sound pleasent lol lol the things we do to try and get our bfp.

    Good luck hope you get a bfp xx

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