Help needed please, can anyone recommend a clinic abroad for treatment using donor eggs?

Hi , I've not posted on here before but have been reading all of your fab posts for a while and they have kept me going knowing others are going on this tough journey also.

I am looking for recommendations for clinics abroad ( Spain mainly), it's such a mindfield researching and having to trust the feedback on the sites are real. Having feedback from someone who has actually been to a specific clinic would really help. I have just been through ICSI in Bristol with my 4 eggs that were frozen prior to going through chemotherapy - no more eggs left - chemo kindly brought on the menopause. I'm single and getting on (43) and going through this on my own is tough but I'd rather do this alone than not at all. I'm now having to go down the donor egg & donor sperm route and abroad seems to be the best/cheapest route with no waiting lists for eggs.

Michelle xxx

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  • Hi there, I'm not in a position to recommend yet but there is a fertility show at Olympia on sat/sun this week if u r near by-seminars about donor abroad & lots of stands with clinics from all over so might be worth a visit if you are near by x

  • Thank you for the tip 72cloud9, I'm not near there but i'll look into to it thank you. Good luck on your journey xx

  • I'm in a similar situation to you - in that I'm also going through my journey on my own and using donor eggs and sperm - I'm also of a similar age.

    I've not gone abroad yet but thinking about it.

    Happy to have a chat if that helps x

  • Hi Distinction72, it would be great to chat about our similar journeys, soo hard doing it alone, friends try to be supported but they have no idea what its like! I don't know how to PM on here though??? xx

  • I've PM'd you!

    If I an be of some help then ask away! x

  • Hi michelle1973, you are a strong and brave women to have come this far. Sending you a big hug, you are never alone 😘.

    I'm 39, 40 next May but with a low Ovarian reserve, AMH was 6 last time I got it tested which was 2 years ago. Since then I've had 2 x IUI, 3 x IVF and 1 x FET. All negative. We are absolutely exhausted and also running out of money as we only got one round on the NHS. After our failed FET we decided that we needed to do something different.

    I have done lots of research on clinics abroad. Visit for really comprehensive details on clinics by country. We have decided to look abroad and to Spain too. I narrowed it down to 3 clinics in Spain, 2 in Barcelona and one in Alicante.

    One of the clinics does 3 goes of donor egg or your money back. They have a 96% success rate after 3 tries. 65% on your first go, other clinics similar.

    Another let's you buy different packages, e.g. Premium package = 5 X 5 day blastocysts.

    The clinic we have chosen is called Barcelona IVF.We went to visit them this weekend in Barcelona and they were excellent. Everything about them gave us confidence from the greeting we received to the nurses, to the consultant and his advice. They also match you and your donor physically as much as possible. We did all our forms, bloods and my husband left his 'deposit' for freezing. They make everything very easy to understand and stress feee. The next time we visit will be for the transfer, the rest they sort out with our chosen donor.

    I can send you my eggdonationfriends brochure on Spanish clinics and the info that I've obtained whilst doing my research if that helps?

    Sending you lots of love and luck on your journey


  • Hi Hannah

    Thank you for your hugs, this site really helps me to feel I'm not totally alone in this .

    Sorry to hear about your failed attempts, it's tough but we have to keep thinking about the end result and you will get there. I'm surprised they haven't tested you hormone levels with each attempt??? Makes sense to check what your up against??

    AMH means nothing to me, I only know my FSH, post chemo it was 26, the last test in June was 63!!! So deffinitely no more eggs in me :(( I'm just soo glad I at my Oncologists advice and went ahead with egg collection prior to chemo - at least I can say I tried with my own. (he said I didn't have time as my cancer had reached stage 4 by the time I finally got diagnosed). DE is my only way forward.

    Soo exciting for you to be soo close to transfer, I guess it will be in the next month??? It sounds like you've chosen a good clinic who are looking after you well. Please keep me informed of your progress.

    I have been looking on eggdonationfriends and they have come up with 3 Spanish clinics, cross referencing success rate with experience, how many they have performed, references, prices and package options is mind blowing and I worried about picking the wrong one and wasting precious time and money!!

    If you could send me the Spanish Clinic brochure and info you have that would be soo helpful, someone else has mentioned going to an IVF day at Olympia, where you get to meet lots of foreign clinics, I may see if I can persuade one of my friends to get dragged around there with me! lol

    Sending you lots of positivity and luck on your journey too

    Michelle XX

  • Hi Michelle

    I've PM'd you about the brouchure, I'm happy to send you this and the price lists I've collected from the clinics.

    I'm going to the Fertility show, I'm dragging my husband round, let me know if you go and we could always meet for a coffee xx

  • Hi Hannah- this is my first time using a forum of any type. I saw your reply to Michelle 1973. Would you be able to share your information brochure with me too? I'll also have a look at the website you suggested. Many thanks and very very best of luck with your quest. X

  • Hey cancan, yes of course I can, no problem at all Hun, I've PMd you xx

  • Hi Michelle, just seen your post. Sorry to read about your situation, but I'd imagine achieving a pregnancy and birth will be the light at the end of your long tunel. I just wanted to say that 'Manchester Fertility' have no waiting lists for donor eggs or sperm and they provide full screening for their donors. I know this isn't a clinic abroad you're seeking but they have good success rates for donor eggs and are a repeatable in the field of fertiliy. Take a look: Good luck!

  • HI r-pants1980,

    Thank you for replying and recommending a clinic. Roll on seeing that light!

    To be honest I have been put off of clinics in the UK due to waiting times and costs, but I'll definitely take a look.

    It sounds strange but it seems easier to go abroad as you can just have a skype consultation and only one visit for transfer, whereas my experience of my clinic in Bristol was a nightmare of multiple visits, no record of my initial apt, losing my notes...twice, forgetting to get me to sign forms - stress!!! As they had been storing my eggs for a couple of years I just went with them for the 2nd part of IVF, but I wish I got my eggs out of there and went elsewhere.

    Good luck on your journey XX

  • I do understand why you would go abroad weighing up the catalogue of errors and cost and I do sympathise, I'm also a single lady, with a heart condition, looking to have treatment in the new year with donor sperm. Also my close friend, 45 yoa, like yourself is seeking treatment with eggs and sperm. Maybe I could get some ideas from you ladies on here! Anyway, it seems you're not on your own in your quest. All the best x

  • Thank god I have been looking for woman like me I have been so alone. I am a single woman of 44 and have to go for treatment. I need support from other strong woman and support of where to go. I feel that people do not fully understand my pain and goal, but I am so glad I joined this site. To get support.

  • can you please send me the leaflet about the spain clinic. I have had a terrible treatment in England and am seeking legal support. But need to carry on with my goal and dream

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