Please HELP - clinic recommendation needed urgently!

Hello Everyone, I need your help please. I'm feeling alone and confused about what to do. So I went to Spain on Monday to start my IVF journey alone as hubby has changed his mind on having kids. I was told I could start taking the pill immediately and I've done so for 3 days now. The problem is that after thinking about it, I realised I will not be able to use my frozen eggs as I've declared myself married on the clinic's forms and they have stated that I need to be divorced for 300 days according to Spanish laws before I am able to use my eggs. So I've called the clinic today and stopped the treatment. I haven't got 2+ years to wait for a divorce to come through and I'll have to pay for it as well. I'm thinking of starting again asap as I've already done all my tests and bought my medication. Can anyone please send me a private message on good and affordable clinics to use. I picked Spain because of the ease of using a sperm donor and I feel more comfortable flying there alone but I'm open to other options. Is it worth exploring the UK as well? I've heard sperm donors are rare due to new regulations and there's a waiting time. Please help, I feel alone and I've spent so much already on this first clinic. Thank you.

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  • I'm sending you a PM hun xoxo

  • After reading this its heart breaking. I hope ladies that r going throughthe same journey as you can help u so sorry as im just on clomid and have no idea about which clinic to recommend best wishes for

  • Thanks Leah, I've had a look and their prices look good as well. x

  • They are an amazing clinic, I think they do finance deals too . They arnt the type of clinic to put add ins all the time they advise you not to have things if they feel it will not bennifit you too . We couldn't rate them higher x best of luck x

  • Hi, I am sorry. Check out this one: Hope this helps Good luck

  • Thanks Nick x

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