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Home from EC and lying in the sofa. Struggling to keep my eyes open now... all went well I think; 14 eggs collected (though I expected more with my huge number of follicles) but they seemed pleased. I have to go back for another scan tomorrow because of OHSS risk. All being well transfer will be Saturday, maybe sooner but it's a weight and see.. I'm a bit crampy and my butt hurts, I think the pethadine may be wearing off now.. EC wasn't very nice and they did too up my meds but they said I did really well and hey, I survived 😊 Now on Estradiol patches and will start vaginal suppositories twice a day from tomorrow xx

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  • Wow 14 is fantastic, rest up now ready for transfer xxx

  • Well done hun!!! Were you sedated? Hope you feel better soon!! Rest up and be spoilt by your hubby xxx

  • Conscious sedation so o was awake throughout x

  • It's exactly how I will be... I'm scared! X

  • I was terrified believe me but I'm still here to tell the tale lol x

  • That is true!!My pain threshold has gone way up since I started this journey but yhe thought of having my legs up in the air and being told to relax just isn't something I hAve got used to 😂😂😂 at my IUI transferred I hated the speculum they put in! X

  • That's great mrs.. I found ec ok in the end and home chilling on sofa too.. take it easy xx

  • Trying to take it easy but OH is back on bed rest until the morning x

  • How many did you get? X

  • I got 6! Trying to stay optimistic and thinking at least they got six as I have low amh cause of my age. Keep telling myself I only need one..quality not quantity etc but kind of wished for more😩 anxious wait now..how you feeling now? Xx

  • Tad crampy, sore. Got to have another scan in the morning 😕 X

  • Rest up and take it easy.. good luck tomorrow x

  • Well done! You got through it and your one step closer 😊

    For some reason EC is the part I'm dreading most. I was told I'd get a general anaesthetic so don't know if that means wakened or not.

    Hope you get as much rest as you can xxx

  • You'll be out of it. Kinda wish I'd had that choice but recovery time is longer x

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