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Finished 7 day course of Norethisterone tablets but still no bleed,injections should have started but not able too, anyone else had the same

so im due to go in for egg retrival on the 12/10/16 but my avf has not arrived yet and should have last week. I was due to start my injections yesterday but not been able to and the nurse has advised if not on by monday then may have to re plan every thing, but wasnt very cleaar about it all. is anyone else had this or going through it?

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Hi Emma - Jane , I think I'm about the same time wise as you. Due my EC if all goes to plan, 10/10/16. Like you though, I had a delay with my bleed after norethisterone . It did come eventually buy took 5 days. It will come , it's so frustrating when you have a date set in your Head for something to happen. But try and stay relaxed . It will come X


Yeah it's so frustrating as I had it last year and once I had finished tablets I came in the day after but this time round I'm currently 7 days I have all the signs there I just really want it to be here so that I can start injecting. But hay got to try and stay relaxed lol, I've never wanted a period so much in my whole life haha.

How are you getting on with your injecting?



Its so typical that you usually hate the sight of your period coming and she has no hesitation arriving, but now that you want it so badly, no sign. I am sure she is just around the corner, perhaps jump up and down a few times!

Injections going ok actually, kind of great in a way to be doing something productive. Had another scan today and all seems to be doing as it should so hoping for EC next week. Another scan Wed and Friday so will know more then. This is my first round of IVF so definitely a mixed bag of emotions, excited to be finally starting treatment but defo nervous of it doesn't work out but this site is definitely a great support x


yeah i cant wait to start my injections like you say at least you feel like you are doing something. at the moment its just waiting and waiting drives you insain nothing ever prepares you for your emotions, well i know 7 people who have done ivf and all of them are pregant or has had there babies. so just keep positive xx


Wow 7! That's super, well I really hope your period comes soon so you can get going, fingers crossed for us both xx


Hi emma-jane-30. as "Raglee" says, be patient and it will come. Unfortunately you can never put an exact date on AF arrival, but I'm sure all will work out OK for you. All the best with the rest of the cycle. Diane


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