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FET end of this month, success stories with only one embryo frozen??


Hi everyone,

It has been a few months since i have been on here when i got my bfn.

I am due to have a FET at the end of this month but now slightly panicking as i only have one embryo frozen.

Someone in work told me to not get my hopes up as embryo might not make the thawing process. Has anyone had any success stories with just one embryo?

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Well what an unhelpful input from your colleague. I only had one frozen embryo after a failed fresh cycle and I'm now nursing my gorgeous baby to sleep.

I don't know what the stats are for thawing, but hopefully your embryo was a good grade blasto. And hopefully it'll survive. Believe! Be positive.

Have faith in your frozen little embryo! It could be your future family! Good luck :)

ZoeLauren90 in reply to Kempton

Thank you! She has actually gone through ivf herself who said this! I have just read in my paperwork that they expect 95-98 percent of embryos to survive the thaw thas quite a lot!

Orla9298 in reply to ZoeLauren90

I had 2 poor embryos thawed (5CC) and they hadn’t wanted to freeze them as they might not survive the thaw... both did!xx

Just had my treatment planning meeting for FET just wanted to say good luck, my clinic said they now have pretty good thawing rates xx

Very insensitive comment to make from your work colleague! The majority of Clinics now have excellent rates for thawing infact when I asked my coordinator whether our embryo had survived the thaw she looked at me like I'd gone crazy! All the very best to you, fingers are crossed! 🤞🙏xxx

Hey ZoeLauren,

stay optimistic and simply believe....

I had a 5-day embryo (one) FET ... and I am currently 11 weeks pregnant... (so far so good).

Just believe!

Best wishes and good luck 😉🍀🍀


I’m in the same position as you, although I’ve not got my date to have FET yet as TBH I’ve stallled a bit as scared about the whole thing, with only having one left! I was told 90% re thawing, so good odds I’d say. There’s always uncertainty with everything in this process, but there’s no harm in believing and hoping for the best - positive vibes & baby dust sprinkling in your direction x

Hey Hun, I know your anxiety I was exactly the same as also only had one frozen embryo left but as the other ladies said the thawing process have excellent rates. Wishing you all the best with the rest of your journey. Remember it only takes one. 😘 xx

I only had one and I’m 31 weeks pregnant now. My clinic said defrost rates with modern techniques are at least 96%.

Yep I was told the same, 95% success rate for thawing. I too have only one embryo frozen, and while I'm incredibly grateful for that, I feel so anxious at the thought of transferring, so I really empathise with you on that. But it could develop into a healthy baby! So when the time is right I guess we have to get our warrior gear and positive pants on, and go for it! Much love x

I had 3 embryos frozen straight after egg collection with no grading, all 3 survived when I had my fet a few weeks ago. xx

Hi, although I still have embryos frozen I only had one transferred and I am 6 weeks. My clinic have higher success rates frozen than they do fresh cycles. Good luck x

Remember, ZoeLauren90, you only need one embryo to get BFP! So using your frozen one is a positives step forward. We were in the same situation last year - our fresh cycle did not work out in August 2017 and we only had 1 frozen embryo left - I had a transfer last December - it was a very positive experience and less taxing on my body, despite BFN. I wish you well. Think positively and don't take in unhelpful advice from colleagues - everybody and every body is individual. xx

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