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Frozen Embryo Transfer on 7th October


Happy Sunday Everyone.

Finally got a date for the transfer, which is Friday 7th October ( Exactly a week before I turn 43 :)) I have 10 embryos waiting. Dr suggested to transfer 3 on Friday due to the age.

Scan went really well and the lining according to the doctors looks very healthy.

But since I got the date, I am feeling very emotional. I was very positive during the initial phases, but now, mega mega scared.

Anyone else having their Transfer coming up and how are you feeling


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I had my FET last Monday so am currently in my 2WW! I was quite emotional on the day as it is such an important day for us. Therefore it's only natural u will feel as u do so don't give urself a hard time for being apprehensive. Feeling scared is totally to be expected but also try & let urself feel excited about what u about to do.

Keep us posted on how u get on & I hope the fear eases a little.


San1510 in reply to Nat6

Thank you Nat6 . I have been cool as a cucumber since I started this journey a few months ago but now nerves are kicking in..As you said it is such an important day for us..hence the anxiety. Going to watch a few comedies to try and take my mind off and will be in work from tomorrow, so less time to think about it all .

Did you take a few days off from work after the Transfer or did you go back after a day ?

I haven't told work about this, although they know I have been going for blood tests and scans. They are flexible with me working from home or the office, but i guess being in work may be better for me to take my mind off it all :)

Best of luck with your 2 weeks wait and hope all goes smoothly


Nat6 in reply to San1510

Hey yep I took time off work. I've read in general that u should take it easy for a few days. Make sure u enjoy those comedies & maybe some trash tv! I've found listening to music picks me up as well.

I haven't done it yet but I might also do some mindfulness meditation to calm my brain. Especially this week as I'm going into week 2 of the 2ww.

Let us no how it goes & vent on here if ur anxiety gets worse xxx

San1510 in reply to Nat6

Thank you Nat6 . As transfer is on Friday I will have a couple of days off and then work from home for a couple of days. I haven't told work about this as I work for a big corporate and its very male orientated, but have the flexibility to work from home, so i might avail of that.

Been listening to music and watching TV today and will listen to some meditative music tonight to help me sleep . Tomorrows another day :)

Thank you . Will be hopefully asking you for how to keep calm in the 2 WW.

Bestest of luck and hope and pray all goes well.

Look forward to hearing the great news

Nat6 in reply to San1510

It's great timing that u have it on the Friday! That's really good that u can relax over the weekend & then work from home. Yes it's tricky with telling work about these things, I would only perhaps confide in ur boss if u have a good relationship with them. If it's not worrying u tho then keep everything as u are. If u find u need to speak to someone after ur FET then do what ever makes u feel more relaxed. At the end of the day u are number one.

Totally here for u if u need a chat during ur 2ww.

Thanks for ur well wishes. I'm apprehensive as I keep mis carrying but just hope that this is my time. Xx

I understand exactly how you are feeling. I am waiting for my FET as the first one ended in a miscarriage so I'm even more nervous. I am just taking each day as it comes. Try and be positive and know that your dreams will be coming true very soon. I wish you all the best. Let us know how it goes my love. Xxx

San1510 in reply to Sunny_skies

Sunny_skies thank you so much. I guess all we can do is take each day as it comes and hope for the best..Trying to visualise all will be OK and that is helping a bit

I hope and pray your journey will be plain sailing the next time and look forward to hearing a positive outcome

Big hugs


hello ladies

i hope you dont mind me joining in, i was due to start my injections yesterday but my period is still yet to arrive so ive been told to not start any of my injections, so now i have no idea what is going to happen :-(

but good luck to you ladies i have everything crossed for you


San1510 in reply to emma-jane-30

emma-jane-30 stress can play havoc with our body and it is typical that when we are about to embark on our journeys there is a delay. Best thing for all of us is probably to just go with the flow and hope for the best. Easier said than done, i know, but in situations like these we cannot force anything.

I hope you can start your journey soon and before you know the great day will be here .

Best of luck


emma-jane-30 in reply to San1510

san1510 - tell me about it, its so hard to stay calm and not stress when its someting you want so badly, and this all tken out of your hands.

my Egg retrival would have been the 12/10 but seen as not start the injections i dont think tht is going to happen now :-(

but i wish you all the best and have everything crossed for you .


emma-jane-30 that's a shame Hun. Must be annoying!!! This process does teach you a lot of patience. I guess your body is not ready and it is better to be ready. I am sure your period will arrive very soon. Big hugs for you my love. Keep us updated darling. Xx

oh its so heart breaking as we have had to wait since may for this available slot and i had my scan last week where they told me how many eggs i have sat there, and everything was fine, the nurse also advised me that the womb lining was all fine and how it should be now i have completed the course of Norethisterone. but no sign of it, and th whole not knowing what is going to happen now is so frustrating. ive only just joined this group but had to speak to people who understand.


How exciting 😜🙏🏼lucky lady! Amazing 😉 outcome. We have our blastocyst transfer today, London, St Paul's 11:20am we are relaxed 😎 but 😳 worried how could you not be. A numb feeling like we can't believe it yet until we get to the clinic but plenty positivity, hoping for the best. All the luck in the world to you both. ✌️️🐣🐣🐣🙏🏼💋👯👯👯🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

Fatooli28 best of luck today.

Will be thinking of you. Hope and pray it goes well.

Please keep me updated



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