Moved to Blastocyst Transfer Day 5! extatic! Higher chances full stop! 馃懌鉁岋笍锔忦煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂眊row baby grow!

Moved to Blastocyst Transfer Day 5! extatic! Higher chances full stop! 馃懌鉁岋笍锔忦煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂别煂眊row baby grow!

So we waited all morning to get that call to say embryo transfer postponed till Monday 3rd October but t never came so we made our way to the Hospital. Waited 1 hour and then it was time to go in, got comfy, hubby sat next to me while I lay on the table, the. They scanned my ovaries and all like the led great, no water in or around the ovary. OHSS chances 馃憖 Looking pretty slim, thank you God 馃檹馃徏馃槍so then the embryologist came in along with the Dr & Nurse. Explanation time! So, out of 3 fertilised eggs 2 are grade 1 (8cells鉁岋笍锔忊湆锔忥笍鉁岋笍锔忊湆锔忥笍Each) and look amazing, the remaining egg was slow so not a good one. We were given a few choices. 1- put both embryos back in and take a chance. No..2- wait till day 5 when they reach blastocyst stage, put 1 back and freeze remaining blastocyst and take the chance. 3 - Put both blastocysts back in at day 5, again take a chance but could go either way and risk a multiple pregnancy. We decided to wait and come back at day 5....then make a decision if to put both our twins back or just the one and return for a second try later one god willing馃檹馃徏We both left very happy, more relaxed and happy that the embryologist told us they needed us to come in to check my ovaries and to discuss our options. Love my team of miracle workers. All in gods hands now....grow little eggs....coming for you Monday 馃槍馃槍馃懌馃挀馃彙 thank you for following, hope everyone's is doing great no matter what stage you may be at. Nevertheless give up and positive thought all the way my ladies and gents! One step closer 馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃挱馃檶馃徏馃悾馃悾馃崨馃崪馃崨馃崪time to eat! Happy Lunching all! We had to do a selfie....till Monday all!

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  • Awww good luck hun!! Fingers crossed for Monday. I start my down regulation injections next Friday so I will hopefully be in your shoes in about a month time! Xx

  • Awww brilliant! Only we know how hard it is to go through and determination we carry to the end. Wishing you all the best my friend, keep positive, eat plenty protein, almost a litre of water per day, folic acid, vitamins D and pregnacare, a boiled egg per day too or however you like. Just some tips of my own up to you but better to start doing a few . 馃槍鉁岋笍锔忦煇p煇p煇p煇p煇p煇p煇p煇p煇p煇p煇

  • Awww thank you for the tips!! I am currently taking pregnacare( for the last 2 years 馃槀) are you taking the other vitamins as extra? I can't wait to start my injections next Friday. How weird does that sound lol x

  • Not weird just exciting. The extras have helped me quite a bit and vitamin D is always a recommended by the Fertility Dr but so your home work, still taking them myself...all the best xxx

  • Love the selfie! Massive good luck to you for Monday that's fantastic news about the grade 1 cells馃榾 馃崁馃崁馃崁

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