Aspirin and thrombophilia

Hi ladies,

After my 3 failed IVF cycles and a miscarriage I decided to get tested for thrombophelia (blood clotting) and I was waiting for the results when they told me the lab didn't accept my blood sample as something wasn't right with labels/bottles etc which is extremely annoying and frustrating when I've been waiting 3 weeks. Before the screening I stopped taking low dose 75mg aspirin but I started again taking it daily after the test as I never imagined I've have to repeat the bloods. Today is Thur and I have my repeat test on Monday. If I stop taking the aspirin now does anyone know if that'll be ok for the test, would it be out of my system in time or would it affect my results??

Comments and advice appreciated


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  • Maybe ring your GP surgery and ask? πŸ€

  • Was it done at your local hospital or clinic?

    Sometimes if you google your hospital they will have a contact for the pathology dept..

  • It was a clinic so I think they use a different lab. I've checked with a Dr though today and I think it's ok. Thanks for your reply xx

  • Hi Isa84. Usually you are advised not to take any form of anti-coagulant which includes soluble aspiring for 48hrs prior to any surgical procedure and tooth extraction. So the same would apply to a blood test. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks Diane,

    That's great to know and very reassuring. Thank you for replying.

  • Thanks have spoken to a Dr and it's ok. Thanks for replying x

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