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Desperately wanting to try again but having to wait :( how do people cope?

We had a failed ICSI attempt in May and we decided that we would wait until October next year before trying again because I got a new job offer and would need to be in my job for a year before I'm entitled to maternity leave plus we are getting married in September next year and simply wouldn't have enough money to cover maternity leave (we have money already saved for Ivf)

For those who are waiting or had to wait, how did you get through the wait without agonising? All my friends have children and continue to have more children. Any advice welcome :)

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Hi Tara I am sorry to hear the first treatment failed. My husband and I had time out from may this year to now it was nice just to spend time together rather than talking about fertility all the time. We had a holiday and had time with family. As for hearing other people's news on a baby it didn't mind me that muchh I just had to remind myself that our day will come. I also started to think about other blessings in my life than just focusing on something that wasn't working out for me. It was hard to begin with but I just tried to block it out. Use this time to find yourself again as we sometimes get lost in this journey. Congrats on your new job! See not everyone can say they have a new job! X


Aww thanks yeh it's a fantastic opportunity so I gotta take it up. To begin with I felt fine as I was so busy with work and planning our wedding I didn't really think about it. I still am busy with all of that but for some reason it has crept on me and I can't stop thinking about it. One of my best friends is now going through IVF and I'm ecstatic for her but I think it is also bringing it back for me that ours failed. I'm fine being around kids and I love being around them but it's just so hard trying to switch off. We want to be parents so much like everyone else on here. I keep trying to plan holidays to forget about it but then realise I need money loool x


Awww hun i understand, there are loads of weekends away even if you check Groupon! But I understand what your saying. Maybe have date days. Wedding planning can be so much fun! And it does take your time away from thinking about other things. It's always the case that things happen when we least expect the. Wishing you positive vibes your way! Xx

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