Nervous & Scared Help!

Morning All!

Im due to start my first IVF/ ICSI Cycle injections on the 7th October as I have been on Provera to induce a bleed I have already cut out tea and coffee and chocolate I was just wondered if you are able to have decaff tea instead or would you avoid tea and coffee altogether I just don’t want it to affect my chances at all. As I want to give it my best shot. Any advice is appreciated.

Also any advice on the injections as im quite scared about the whole thing!

Do the injections hurt? Ive never had to do my own injections before

Also scared about the egg collection as ive never been sedated these are the main things that are worrying me at the moment.


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  • Fab news that youve got a date to get started! cant help on the tea and coffee part as i dont drink it! but... im onto the 16th injection of down regulation and i cant believe how easy its been so far, im petrified of needles and on day 1 i just sat staring at it haha! but i eventually did it myself and i couldnt even feel it going in! i have had no symptoms so far but everyone is different i suppose! xxx

  • thank you i think its just everyone initial reaction to the needles i just hope i can over come it, im on a short protocol so i wont be doing the down regging just stimming i think, i will just have to bite the bullet and just get it over with the more i think about it the least i will be willing to do it lol. if everyone else can manage to do it then it cant be that bad lol xxx

  • Hi there ! i had decaff tea and coffee throughout. injections i found fine too once i did the first one to know what it felt like i was fine with them no side effects and no problems! Egg collection is nerve wracking but i found it harder on the emotional side rather than the physical. No pain you just fall asleep and wake up and its all done! good luck with your cycle I honestly didnt find the whole process as bad as I thought. xx

  • thanks Blondyboo thats great to know. Im probably just thinking a bit too much into it, dont know what i would do with out everyone on here its so comforting having everyone so supportive and willing to share there experiences :D xx

  • I was exactly the same, dont worry youll be fine, i was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is! I start stimming next week around the same time as you! xxx

  • ooo thank you for putting my mind at rest, its so difficult not knowing what its like and all kind of things run round your head. im mostly worried about the centrotide as everyone says it stings. xxx

  • Great news your starting. I drank decaf coffee and tea throughout my cycle and was fine. The injections are really not bad at all. After the first couple you get used to them. I was like you, had to induce a bleed and on a short protocol of ICSI. Egg collection wasnt bad and egg transfer is even less hard. If you do have a hard or low moment just try and keep thinking it all worth it. I gave birth to a baby boy 4 weeks ago with a 1st time success with my ICSI cycle, so it does work!! Good luck 😊 x x

  • oh wow thats brilliant news congratulations on your baby boy!! ..thank you so much for sharing im on the short protocol too im glad im on the short one as its less injections lol. im starting on merional injections and then onto centroride, did the you have the centrotide and did it hurt at all. just curious lol. im 25 and my other half is 26 im just hoping ours will work 1st time. im trying to stay positive. xxx

  • Hi the whole process isn't that bad. The injections I found fine. As time went on tho they got harder as my stomach was more bruised and they could be nippy. Egg collection I didn't feel a thing as all under sedation. Good luck xx

  • Thank you it's made me so much more relaxed now knowing everyone says it's not as bad as it sounds :) xx

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