Advice - Caffeine or No Caffeine - First Cycle ICSI

Hi There

Next Friday I will being my first cycle of IVF/ICSI and when I recently attended the information day it was mentioned to cut Caffeine. As a die hard Diet Coke/Pepsi maxi drinker - I have cut this out completely including my one coffee per work day and tea. It was suggested to me to try decaf instead but upon googling this, I read that it still have caffeine present. So now slightly confused! Does anyone know if I can have decaf tea/coffee and caffeine free drinks? I just want to give myself the best chance and happy to make any changes required!

Thanks in advance x

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  • as far as im aware decaf drinks are fine? im on decaf tea at the moment x

  • Hey Rstar im in the exact same position i start my injections on 7th October and just asked the same question. lots of people are syaing its ok to have Decaf drinks i think im going to just have 1 cup of decaf tea a week maybe or try to stay off it completly as it is our 1st cycle too and want to give it my best shot too. I have also been advised to cut out chocolate as that contains caffeine and i eat chocolate nearly everyday lol. good Luck with your treatment i hope all works out for you. xx

  • Thank you - nice to know I'm not alone! Didn't even think about chocolate (OMG) I feel sorry my husband in the coming months! I'm going to be a dream! 😩

    It is allot of info and everyone has a different view which makes it tricky to know what to do for the best.

    I read somewhere that Brazil nuts and Pineapple are particularly helpful with conception - so I now have 4 Brazil nuts per day and pineapple when I can! I've also started to have 1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey as well to keep me well.

    Good Luck to you both too! Stay blessed x

  • thats so true i read about the brazil nuts too and the pineapple, but only have 1 slice of pinapple and the core for the first few days after ET as your not supose to have pineapple during preganacy as it can lead to misscarrages. Ive been putting brazil nuts into a smoothie as i cant stand the taste of them lol xxx

  • I switched to Grumpy Mules organic Swiss water decaff coffee. Its a bit pricier than the supermarket stuff, but its delicious, 99.9% caffeine free and without the chemicals that the usual decaffeination process involves!

  • I did read you should reduce caffeine intake but you can have the occasional amount x

  • It is ok to have a small amount of caffeine (in the same way they recommend when you are pregnant to have small amounts) basically one cup of tea or instant coffee is fine - which means a small amount of chocolate is also fine - but lots of people switch to decaf which has a v low amount of caffeine just to be on the safe side.

  • I drank 2l plus pepsi max I cut it out completely. I did have caffeine free though

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