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Hey folks roll on Thursday this will be our last apointment before our treatment starts I am starting to get quite scared because I don't know what is in front of us, We hope everything works out first time..we have all our paper work filled out so ready to go!! Does anyone know how long the first appointment takes when starting treatment?? Thanks xx

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  • Hi lindsay. It really isn't that bad. My first official appointment I had a transvaginal scan I was really worried about that but it was fine just slightly embarrassing. Quite interesting you get to see your womb on the screen. Then they go through all your injections and show you how to do them. That was a bit daunting but once you get the hang of it it's actually fine. Good luck. Aby other questions just ask or pm me x

  • Aw thanks Katya i'm quite scared about the injections. I will have everything crossed that it all works out for us first time. We honestly can't wait to start it now we have been trying for 3+ years so maybe this is our time now, I hear alot of people saying twins are common on this journey lol.

    Hope everything is alrite at your side too, how far on are you in your journey?x

  • Hi. The injections aren't that bad. They were footery at the beginning particularly the one where you mix the powder and liquid but you get used to it really quickly. I actually enjoyed the injections lol (well kind of) as I felt like I was actually doing something. We've had 1 failed ICSI cycle in August moving onto going private with donor eggs now as feel that's our best chance. Yes have heard about twins too would be quite happy if that happened to us. Good luck!xx

  • Thanks to much Katya for getting back to me i'm sure I will be fine lol. Aw sorry to hear that your first time failed..hope everything works out for you this time x

  • Hi Linsay89. I am sure you will be looked after just fine, so try not to worry. Good luck with it all and I will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Aw thank you Diane i'm getting scared now just hope it's not a long waiting list x

  • Hi! We were looking for egg donation with ivf some time ago. So we happened to come across International patient coordinator, offering free consultations. We had ours in London with the coordinator Josephine. She was kind and supportive and explained us the process we were in. She dropped the light onto great amount of things.

    Then we came to Ukrainian clinic and signed papers with them. (3 years ago I was diagnosed on grade 4 endo. 2 years TTC didn't bring us success. Besides dh has low count and motility of sperm. Well, we did make some silly decisions and tried 1 round IUI and ICSI. But these procedures turned to be helpless for us, unfortunately) So that another try with DE. After the initial consultation time flew for us. Our donor matching program was completed in 2 weeks or so. Then treatment itself..

    I read ladies are usually in more wait. But in our case every other stage passed smooth and quickly.

    Baby dust to all!!

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