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Review Appointment

Hi All,

We have finally received notification of our follow-up appointment which is on 9 August after our first round of IVF ended in a chemical pregnancy a few weeks ago. I want to ask about NK cells and sticky blood, but what else should I be asking at this appointment? We have two excellent quality frozen embryos and will therefore be opting for FET, but we have to start paying for treatment now as we only got one shot on the NHS, so I want to make sure we do everything we can to try and get the result we want. All suggestions welcome!

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Do your frozen ones not count as your one go. We got two goes including any frozen ones from both cycles, sadly we never had frozen ones but worth an ask X


Hi Button,

We thought they were, but apparently not because we had two put back in the first round. If we had only had one transferred, we would have got a frozen go for free too, but only 1 embryo. It's two embryos rather than two goes. Xx


Aw that's rubbish really annoys me that everywhere is so different it's so unfair X


I know! There are some places now that don't offer IVF on the NHS at all, so I guess we should be thankful for our one go. I'm interested to see whether the service we receive will change when we become paying customers.


Agreed we are very lucky having the opportunity for two goes just makes me sad that others don't get the same. We also have to start self funding now aswell X


Third time lucky Button! ;-) xxx


I bloody hope so lol X

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It's difficult when you go back after a miscarriage as they want to still be mindful of what happened.

Maybe ask what their thoughts were on the last round and the results of the embryo grading?

What they would change if anything?

If they would suggest using embryo glue or endometrial scratch the next time (don't know if you had it before)?

What tests they would suggest? Remember some gp's will do some of these tests so try to save yourself some money that way....take the info from the clinic and then you know what you'll need to ask about.


Hi MonkAK. If you would like, and I already haven't done so, I can email you a couple of lists of questions you might like to have a look through before you go for your appointment. Too long to add here, but if you email me in confidence to dianearnold@infertilitynetworkuk.com i will send them to you. Good luck! Diane


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