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When to start an IVF cycle after laparoscopy?

Hello ladies,

I had one IVF round last year which turned out to be unsuccessful. Also it was discovered that I had endometriosis.

I had my 2nd lap on the 9th of Sept to remove a large endomtrioma on my left ovary +adhesions. My NHS consultant said that the surgery went well. As well as removing the endometrioma she removed adhesions incl mobilised my right ovary that was stuck to the back of the womb.

I was also put on a 3 month course of Zoladex which expires tomorrow.

I was advised by my NHS consultant to start IVF in 6-8 weeks after surgery but when I got in touch with my IVF clinic they advised to start earlier while the endometriosis is nicely supressed.

That would have meant starting the nasal spray tomorrow! It seems very soon to start stimulating the ovaries only a month after surgery + EC?

Would love to hear from anyone in the same position. Any comments appreciated.


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To be honest, I would say go with the gyne consultant opinion, as your body has to fully recover from the surgery before enduring more stressful processes...


Hi hun glad your surgery went well xx I had my surgery Mid May and we started our IVF 2 months after xx I was surprised how quick after we started our treatment but it's all good xx


Hi andomedae9. As a general rule it is around 6 weeks to wait post surgery. However, your consultant has recommended that you start now while your endometriosis is nice and quiet. He/she knows you best so go with that advice. Good luck with it all. Diane


Thank you ladies for leaving a comment x


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