Pregnacare or Seven Seas

I'm due to start our 1st cycle and i have been taking seven seas trying for a baby vitamins as the pregnacare tablets are HUGE!! i struggle to take tablets anyway but i was just wondering if anyone else has taken anything else or what your thoughts are on taking pregnacare or if anyone has any advice on taking them as even breaking them in half is too much for me to take. i know a few people that have had BFP's and they were taking pregnacare i just don't want to feel that i haven't given it my best shot.

any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance xx

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  • They are probably much the same..just see if you google them, what the ingredients state and if there any big differences?

  • I'm on Severn seas xx

  • I swapped from pregnacare to seven seas for same reason sweetie xxx

  • I will stick to taking the Seven Seas ones as I can take them a lot easier and they don't taste as bad as the pregnacare lol xx thank you liz1985

  • Long time ago when we start TTC natural way I was taking them . But then we find out that we need to go through IVF I stop taking them and switch only to folic acid . I was taking folic acid in my first cycle even my nurse told me to make sure I take it . I had my sec cycle starting 24july I way before that I start taking folic acid too. When I had my ET on 3th my doctor told me to remember about folic acid and not to take any diferent tablets vitamins . Well every clinic is diferent but my two cycle and two diferent clinic told me the same . Xx

  • Thank you I think I will stick to the seven Seas :) x

  • I took seven seas when I was going through icsi my son is now 3 weeks old so I don't believe that pregnacare is any better xXx

  • Hi I would say Pregnacare . .I hate tablets too and pregnacare ones are massive. I take the pregnacare liquid, its the same, but in a liquid format. Its available at Boots

  • thank you Ditsy999, i have started to crush them and put them in a small glass of juice and take them that way its much easier lol but i will also have a look for the liquid form too xx

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