We had our egg collection yesterday got 9 eggs and then this morning got the call that we have 5 embryos! I have a low amh level so we are shocked we got that many and over the moon that we have 5 little embryos. Have to wait till Monday to see how they re doing and if one is making a stand for day 3 transfer or if we wait til day 5. Which is better? Relying on the lab to make the judgement, whilst trying to rest .

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  • Congratulations! You must be very happy with that! Just wanted to wish you all the best for the next phone call!x

  • Well done 😊 that's a good amount.

    I'm not sure which transfer is best all I can tell you is what the hospital have told me which is that at day 3 if they are happy with the development of embryo then they are happy to do ET as they feel the embryo is in the best possible place after ET 😊

    Good luck xxx

  • Hi Tor84. Just wanted to wish you well with ET when "whichever" day arrives. So far you have done really well, so fingers crossed for the next stage. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you! We found out this morning that we still have 5 embryos!!!!!! 3 good & 2 top quality. Transfer booked for 2.30pm weds. Was very anxious awaiting the call this morning but so very relieved to know their doing well.

  • Hi Tor84. That's fab news! Well done you embies! Hope all goes OK with ET on Wednesday - I'm sure it will. I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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