Final Scan- EC on Weds-not many follies :(

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and holding on strong!

So I had my final scan today and was a disappointed to see that i only really had 4 good sized follicles and 4 that were still catching up. The nurse said that it was a good number but im not so sure. They want to proceed on weds with the ec.

Is this a good number? I have no idea.

Can i ask how many you had and how many eggs were retrieved,im worried they wont get that many :( i was starting to feel positive but feel like its a bit of a knock back.

Sending positive vibes!


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  • Hi. I have one ovary and am 38. I had 8 follicles 5 collected. Three of those were mature for icsi. I cried and felt so deflated after EC but I think it's the pressure and the height of the drugs that gets to you at that point.

    All 3 made it to blast.

    Zippy is due December 1st, George is in the freezer and bungle wasnt big enough so was donated for training.

    We go for quality over quantity in the ivf game and it only takes one!

    No more "only have four", you have four which is a great number for us non pcos ladies.

  • Wow! thats amazing, certainly gives me hope, i hope i don't sound too selfish, being a newbie to all this i just dont know whats a good number or what to expect but your story has definitely given me hope, and like you said its quality over quantity!

    Congrats on your pregnancy with Zippy, i wish you all the best with your pregnancy ! x

  • Nooooo it doesn't sound selfish at all and at this point in the ivf treatment I wrote exactly the same type of post because i "only" had 3 eggs which then became the three musketeers and then the rainbow characters (as zippy really did look like zippy on the screen before ET)

    I love your saying of getting knocked down 7 times.

    Good luck with the trigger and EC x

  • Hi veekay, it's really hard not knowing what's good or not. I felt like that in the cycle I just did. I am 37 and I had one ovary that was on strike, I was also bricking it I didn't have enough follicles. First dr at scan said "I admit there's not that many". Second scan different dr, she said the other one was talking rubbish and it's about them growing at a uniform rate. By the 3rd scan I was despondent so didn't really listen cos I thought I was doing rubbish but at egg collection got 10 eggs, 5 fertilised. We didn't get a success and I think I might have an egg quality issue, but my point is don't assume you have nothing to go with even when other women have lots and lots. You're doing great xxxx

  • Thanks Hun, sorry to hear that yours didn't work out, wishing you all the luck for your next round x

  • I had 8 decent size follies in the end, 5 were ready 2 days before collection the others must have caught up just before collection. 7 eggs were mature and we did icsi 3 fertilized 2 made it to blast the other was a bit slower and didnt quite get there before freezing. Now in the 2ww. I was worried that i didnt have enough but someone told me quality over quantity. Infact i had a friend with 18 eggs retrieved 1 transferred and the rest didnt even make it to freeze. So try not to stress to much over numbers just yet.. easier said than done i know xx

  • Thanks Hun, fingers crossed for you 🀞🏾 X

  • 7 follicles varying sizes - 5 retrieved - 2 fertilised x

  • I had 7 follicles on my day 10 scan, on EC day, there were 5 big enough and they collected 4 eggs.

    I was very upset on the day when they said only 4.

    The following morning when they called....all 4 had fertilised. We had a day 5 transfer and we are in our TWW.

    I felt the same as you when I only had a few follicles, you want loads to improve your odds, nature on the other hand has different ideas x

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