2nd trimester harder than 1st trimester!!

Hi All,

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and all I can say is that I feel rubbish. I have back ache, the odd tummy pain ( due to stretching of skin) tummy feels very very heavy at the bottom. And I feel really really tired. I took yesterday off work as felt rough, which is very unlike me . I spent the whole day in bed reading and sleeping . Well this morning I think I feel worse for it but I'm still so tired. I've also felt sick ( gagging ) a bit over past few weeks .

Anyone else feel like this at 18 weeks pregnant ?

My first trimester I was fine .

Maybe I need iron ?

Oh , and I don't know what ive done to the back of my head, but at the back on both sides my scalp / head is so sore to touch almost like I've hit my head ( maybe there pressure points ?? I don't know .

I'm feeling in the wars today and need some words of wisdom please .

Sorry for rambling 😴😴😴😴😴

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  • Have you been to the doctors. Is it worth getting your iron levels checked and also your blood pressure?

  • Am actually at doctors now I wrk in a doctors and they took my be and heart rate they said was high so they told me to book app with my gp . X

  • Was wondering if your BP was high. Glad you have an appointment to check it out. Take it easy.

  • Hi Aimaim77. Sorry you are feeling so rubbish. Any day now you will feel your little one moving, so watch out for your first little "flutter" - little "popping" feeling. This will be amazing, and I'm sure it will reassure you. You're nearly half-way through your pregnancy, so well done! Diane

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