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2nd trimester harder than 1st trimester!!

Hi All,

I'm 18 weeks pregnant and all I can say is that I feel rubbish. I have back ache, the odd tummy pain ( due to stretching of skin) tummy feels very very heavy at the bottom. And I feel really really tired. I took yesterday off work as felt rough, which is very unlike me . I spent the whole day in bed reading and sleeping . Well this morning I think I feel worse for it but I'm still so tired. I've also felt sick ( gagging ) a bit over past few weeks .

Anyone else feel like this at 18 weeks pregnant ?

My first trimester I was fine .

Maybe I need iron ?

Oh , and I don't know what ive done to the back of my head, but at the back on both sides my scalp / head is so sore to touch almost like I've hit my head ( maybe there pressure points ?? I don't know .

I'm feeling in the wars today and need some words of wisdom please .

Sorry for rambling 😴😴😴😴😴

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Have you been to the doctors. Is it worth getting your iron levels checked and also your blood pressure?


Am actually at doctors now I wrk in a doctors and they took my be and heart rate they said was high so they told me to book app with my gp . X

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Was wondering if your BP was high. Glad you have an appointment to check it out. Take it easy.


Hi Aimaim77. Sorry you are feeling so rubbish. Any day now you will feel your little one moving, so watch out for your first little "flutter" - little "popping" feeling. This will be amazing, and I'm sure it will reassure you. You're nearly half-way through your pregnancy, so well done! Diane

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