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How long can 2 weeks be!!!

Morning All,

Hope everyone is well (or as well as can be).

So I am 1 week into the 2 week wait and I don't think I've ever known for time to go so slowly.

I have a blood test on Sunday and they gave me 2 figures but didn't explain anything about them when I questioned it they just told me to come back on 25th and continue with medication as prescribed.

My numbers were 305 and 38.6 that's all I know.

I am yet to have any signs or symptoms that it is working and I'm staring to worry.

Any one had anything similar ?

Many thanks


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2ww are defo the hardest part. Good luck X

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Good luck. The 2 week wait is horrible but all you can do is try to relax!xx


Well, I've read this somewhere. The 2ww must be in dog time. It feels more like a year than 14 days! Keeping busy really helps. You just do everything which makes you distracted. Planting, reading, hanging up with friends. Also wrote in another thread and got sarcastic comment from lovewinspain like "Oh, what a wonderful list of things you have!" But actually this helped numerous times we were in 2ww. Our infertility journey was quite long, I should say (IUI shot, ICSI shot, 2 rounds DE ivf, 3rd one successful). Always want to be understanding and supportive to people going through all this. And may God bless all ladies in this waiting! Baby dust to you, hun X :)

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