7 weeks 2 days miracle 什

So today I had my 7-week scan. Everything was just perfect: little foetus measuring 7 weeks 2 days, which is exactly my official count as well. We saw the little heart beat flicker. Quite emotional! And amazing that a 11.5 mm foetus can already have a beating heart!

We asked the consultant about miscarriage rates from this point. He said that from 7 weeks it's 4-5%, and with being the right size, heart beat etc probably even less.

Fingers crossed we get through the next 5 weeks as well!

Hang in there all of you, hopefully you'll soon be at this point too! Your support has been amazing and has meant so much to me! Xx

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  • Awww that must be amazing to see! Fabulous news Gueritarubia!!xx

  • Congratulations! How lovely

    And exciting for you both. x

  • Lovely Congratulations xxx

  • Congratulations 毋

  • Aww lovely, so happy for you 歹 x x x

  • What a lovely post to read. Thanks for sharing xx

  • Amazing post, very emotional and so lovely to see your wee baby, only a wee wait until your 12 weeks and again what a big difference you will see.

    So happy for you. Take care and keep us posted on your 32+ weeks remaining

  • So good to hear this. I had my BFP today and I'm a little apprehensive as I'm going on holiday in 3 weeks and don't want something to happen while I'm away x

  • We were on holiday these past two weeks and it was the best thing I could have done! Easier to stay calm and also just go with the pregnancy symptoms and emotions, rather than trying to hide all at work. Enjoy and hope all continues to go well! X

  • What a lovely post. So happy for you. Would you mind saying how old you are? I had a worse statistic in my head for miscarriage, but maybe that's just for my age, or for people who don't get to your stage.

    Do keep is posted. It is very heartening.

  • Thank you :-) I'm 37, going for 38 soon so not exactly a spring chicken anymore in fertility terms... The consultant said it's 20% in general, but getting to 7 weeks with a confirmed foetus at the right size and with heartbeat makes it drop significantly.

  • Yay! I'm so thrilled for you xx

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