Can progesterone mask/hide a miscarriage?


My progesterone levels are normal but I decided to take these cyclogest progesterone pessaries this time, due to many early losses. I feel fine, no spotting or cramping and this feels to good to be true based on my history. I'm just over 5 weeks pregnant. Can extra progesterone mask a miscarriage or prolong it until the scan reveals.?My scan is a few days away , but I am very feeling nervous.

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  • Hi Orangepie. With mine I had bleeding while I was still on the progesterone and I lost my pregnancy symptoms too. I think my body held on longer because of the progesterone but there were signs that something was wrong. If all is going well, I know it's really hard, try to enjoy it as much as you can. Stay as relaxed and calm as you can, just a few more days to get through not long now x x x

  • Thanks for the response. Yes, I am trying but just so hard sometimes due to my history. You still had signs, that's good then as the progesterone didn't mask it for you then.

  • Hi orang pie I'm keeping everything crossed for you this time xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Orangepie1. At 5/40wks of pregnancy, your body will be making it's own progesterone. Not a bad idea to use the progesterone, so that should you need a "top up" it's there for the taking. I assume you have your first scan booked? So hope it is, so you get to meet your little "bean" and be reassured that all is well. Thinking of you - and "no" the extra progesterone won't mask a miscarriage! I'm sure little one is here to stay! Diane

  • Oh that's good I really do hope it's not masking it. Yes they let me have early scans due to my history of early losses.

  • Hi Orangepie1. Do let me know how you get on if you can. Diane

  • Will do. Scan is on Tuesday! Counting down...

  • It went well! Strong heartbeat and measuring exactly 6 weeks 2 days like my dates.Hoping it's good signs for a viable pregnancy . Next scan in 3 weeks.

  • Great news Orangepie1! All the best x

  • Orangepie that's really great news, so happy for you. Keep us upto date with next scan :) x x x

  • Fingers crossed Orangepie1! x

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