Hi ladies, im just wondering if im over-reacting, but im 10dp6dt and im just wondering should i have any symptoms yet such as implantation bleeding or nausea etc. I have had a little bit of nausea and period type pains. My uterus feels heavy off and on and im worried that af is going to show her ugly face. I was due on yesterday so feeling constantly anxious everyday expecting the worst. Woke up this morning with a mega headache so instantly thought is this a good sign?? Trying not to stress too much but its hard xx

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  • I had nothing hun. We are 5wk 4days now an only thing I've had is sore boobs and bloating xx try not to stress xx

  • Thank you. Trying to keep a pma but just wish i could tell before testing. Want it so badly xx

  • I didn't get nausea until nearly 6 weeks. I had an implantation bleed at 9 days but that freaked me out more than anything. I wouldn't worry about not feeling pregnant yet. x

  • Thank you mantaray75. I just feel like you cant win in your 2ww. If you have bad symptoms its not good and if you have no symptoms you still think its not good. Its hard work. I want to test early but im scared what the result will be x

  • I felt almost exactly like you and it felt like AF was going to arrive at any minute. The only thing I felt was one day I was incredibly lightheaded and dizzy. Please try to hold out until test day (I know it's torture) but at least then you will know for sure. Good luck xx

  • Thanks daisy-mae. I appreciate that. I hope we are as lucky as you were and get out bro. It's long awaited. I felt wierd and light headed yest. Had to sit down and took a nap as then felt shattered. Got a continuous headache today and feeling nauseous off and on. Just trying to keep as positive as poss xx

  • Please try and stay positive. I know it's easier said than done but it will be worth it. The 2ww is tortute but try and keep busy so you don't drive yourself crazy. Lol. Lots of baby dust. Xxx

  • Thank you sunny_skies. I am trying its just when you stop you start thinking about it again. Im just scared as i had an implantation where nothing happened, no symptoms and no af but still a bfn. Just scares me when i think of that xx

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