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Second cycle after failed IVF one week late and counting...definitely not pregnant

Morning ladies

I had a failed cycle recently and took my period approx 11 days after trigger

Normally I am about 25-27 day cycles but I'm on day 32 with little to no sign of a period starting - has this happened anyone else?

My IVF failed due to poor response but I have a good amh for my age and it didn't happen before - I was on down reg for 3 months as my thyroid wouldn't come down - can't help but worry there is maybe something else at play

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Morning love. I am currently waiting to start my second cycle as my fresh cycle ended in miscarriage. I won't be able to advise I'm afraid. But I suggest that you contact the clinic and see if they can look into this. Wishing you all the best and lots of baby dust to you. Xxx

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I read on forums before that after a failed IVF, your next cycle can be messed up. You may have ovulated later than usually or it may even be an anavulatory cycle. Have you thought of taking your bbt each morning? That way, you will save the heartache of doing useless pregnancy tests.

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Hi Kell27. I find that quite a few ladies don't settle back down to their normal menstrual cycles following failed IVF. All down to messing about with hormones. Hopefully all will soon settle back down for you, but can take up to 3 months! Diane


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