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Any lady's due around February that live locally to Teddington

Hi, just wanting to meet friends who are newly pregnant due around Feb local to Teddington . I have been looking at antenatal classes and there all so expensive round here ( 6 nights over a 2 week period - each class 2 hrs & its £350!!!!)

A few of my friends that already have children said that they purely went to the antenatal groups to meet other mums .

I know obviously you would get sone useful information re labour , looking after little one, but I'm a qualified yoga teacher do know all about the relaxation/ breathing ect for during labour .

Other than that I guess I'll just go to mother and baby classes when baby arrives .


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Have you checked with your midwife? There are usually classes available on the nhs x


Yes I have and they still ask for £150 - £200 😞


I am so shocked. I worked in maternity services for years and there were always free classes. X


Have you checked the NCT classes? I think those are free for your first child? For many of my family and friends NCT were a lifeline, helping create friendships that they and their children still have and treasure 15 years plus later!


Hi , yes I have checked the nxt classes and there £350 for 12 hours . Madness!!!

I really don't think I can do that , it's far to much money 😒


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