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Baby update, 7 week pregnancy scan


Hi all,

Just a little update... so we had a 7 week pregnancy scan today. Baby is doing well, good heartbeat and all looking really good.

I had a scare few weekends ago, had bleeding and bad pains, had to go hospital to be checked over, was pretty scary for us, but baby is doing well thank god!

I’m measuring 7 weeks, and due early April 2020 💙👶🏼💗😍.

I’ve now been released from my fertility clinics care and waiting to hear from midwife for the normal antenatal care.

It still doesn’t feel real and don’t think I can fully get excited until I’m further along, we’re taking each day as it comes as we know that still sadly anything can happen at this early stage.

Ohh and the morning sickness, sore boobs, and tiredness has definitely taken over! The joys of pregnancy 😬👍🏻


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congratulations enjoy your pregnancy xxx

Congratulations! So pleased for you. I know it is hard but try to relax and enjoy you little bundle. One day at a time sounds good. Have everything crossed for you xxx

Lovley pics! :) congrats! Xx

Congratulations 🙂xxx

Fab news! So pleased today went well x

Congratulations on your pregnancy and getting the best news at your scan xx

Congratulations, I am at exactly the same stage as you. Had our scan today at 7wks 2days. Was such a relief to know that everything is progressing as it should. We feel so blessed. We felt a bit sad leaving the clinic actually, we’ve gone through so much with them and now it’s strange to think we won’t see them again (all being well). All the best with your pregnancy, I’ll be keeping track of your journey xxx

Aww I didn’t think of it that way, that I hopefully won’t see the clinic again.

I’ve been with my clinic for 2 years now, is a relief to leave, knowing I’m pregnant.

Good luck in your pregnancy too, hope it all goes well 💗☺️ Xx

Congrats x

Yayyy! Congratulations on your gorgeous little baba ! X x x

Congratulations, lovely news to hear 😊 Hope you have a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy xx

That’s wonderful news, congratulations! Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy xxx💞💫😘

Congratulations xx

Excellent news congrats 😀

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