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Bleeding post 5dt

Hi, I'm looking for advice.

I had 2 embryos transferred 9 days ago by ICSI. On day 6 i noticed a brown discharge on wiping, which has slowly got redder. It is not as heavy as a period but it is very much there. Is this over for us? I can't even put into words the devastation I'm feeling. The clinic has told me to continue using pessaries and test on date as directed but that there is not much that can be done until then.

Is this the end?

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I got a brown/pinkish discharge 9 days after my 5 day transfer and cramping like I was getting my period. Had resigned myself to it all being over but I'm now 6 weeks pregnant. It may be an implantation bleed. x


Thank you so much for leaving a reply, and a positive one at that. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I will try and not be disheartened, it's just so hard. Thank you again xxx


Hi Mrsp How is the bleeding today? There are lots of women on here who report bleeding and go on to have healthy pregnancies, it's so so hard but try not to worry and try to stay calm. Do you have your scan date yet? If it continues I would call them back or call your clinic for more advice. Hope everything is ok x x x


Hi Mommabear, ive no date yet. I am due to test Monday and wait to hear from the clinic that day to be told what is next following the result. I'm wondering about testing early as im getting that worried about it. I'm still bleeding but minimally. I hope you're right and i get to be a woman like that. It's so frightening to not know what your body is supposed to be doing and what is normal. Thank you for replying to me, its helped just knowing there are people there in similar situations. Xx

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Hi Mrsp86. This is always such a worry when there is any bleeding or discharge following embryo transfer. As you will gather from lots of other ladies on this site, it is such a common experience - often we just don't know why it occurs - but thankfully lots do go on to be successes. I think you have to remember, although you won't need reminding, that you had two embryos transferred. You may have unfortunately lost one - who knows, but you need to carry on with pessaries/gel etc - if prescribed - to give them the best chance. I do hope all turns out to be fine for you when your official test day arrives. Thinking of you. Diane


Though I personally won't test until OTD, as I prefer to be in the bubble of not knowing, my tests date for my 1st FET was 9dp5dt. So I tested with a first response, early response hpt, before going to the clinic for bloods. It was positive, however the line wasn't that strong and my levels were low . (Sadly ended in a chemical)

I had light bleeding at 6dp5dt as well which was implantation bleeding. And this worried me as thought it was my period. so I was glad I didn't have to wait much longer to test.

If you were to test early, the test would be fairly accurate at this stage. It's wether you will worry more waiting to test due to the bleed or less knowing what's going on?

Good luck. I hope you get a positive xx


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