Hey ladies 

So last night I had the worst pains very intense period like pain took pessaries last night as normal and has some pinkish goo on the applicator when removed and same again just now!! Also have some pinkish blood when wiping (tmi). I am now 8 days since transfer I test on the 19th I'm now worried that this means it's only going to get worse and our dream is going to be over!!! I'm no doubt reading far too much into this and I'm sure pink is ok!!!! Advice please!!!!!!xx

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  • Not even been at the stage you're at... But it's early and since you might just need an outlet I thought I'd reply. Try and remember how many people you've seen write post like yours and how it's ended up good. Keep positive, keep relaxed and keep willing it to all be good. 

    What are you doing today? Try and do something nice and what will keep you occupied. If you're at work arrange to go for lunch with a friendly colleague and plan how relaxing your night will be. Big hugs Hope xx

    Ps... Remember your domain name on here! x

  • I'm at home today and hubby is working but I have to keep me occupied today!! I have no doubt seen these post!!! Just looking for reassurance I am hoping praying all is fine!!! Just need to get to Tuesday..xx

  • I'm sure someone will come along with better advice than mine for now... 

    Some window shopping? Cinema? Any friends/family to visit? Huge box set day? Have you got Netflix or anything? Make yourself your favourite lunch and just remember to keep smiling :) xx

  • The only friends I have that aren't working are the ones with babies I'm really not up for that today!!! I've got plenty to keep me occupied today but if I get worried I'll ring my nurse even if it's just to ease my mind!! I'm sure everything will be fine and nothing to worry about at all x

  • You know where I am if you need some extra conversation! (At work, but no baby! ;-) ) xx

  • Hey 

    Hang in there seen lots of posts where they have a little bleed, I had that in a cycle, not this one though.

    Keep hydrated and try to rest it could be nothing, stay away from Google it drives you insane.

    Spk to the clinic . Here is you need xxx

  • Haha I have just been on Google and cut the page off and told myself I will drive myself crazy and everything is super fine but I am going to ring just for peace of mind!!!! Test date is Tuesday so just need to keep going and what will be will be!!!! Xx

  • Hi Hun, it's so worrying isn't it , I would definitely speak to the clinic  just for advice. Also, it's maybe something to do with your little emby I bedding and getting all snugg. 

    I would try to really take things easy for nxt few days possibly just lay on couch / bed and as little movement as poss. ( that's what I would do - mind you I think I would prob even worry about walking round my tiny flat lol) it's hard to know what to do . 

    I think the worse thing is the waiting in this whole process but keep positive . 

    Would you test early or are you going to try to hand in there till official test day . 

    Hope you have a relaxing day Hun x

  • I was tempted to maybe test on Sunday but I think I will just wait it out now and what will be will be. Still hanging on hope for a bfp x

  • 2ww by far the worst bit. Stay postive and good luck 🍀🍀

  • Rang and spoke to the nurse she said it could be just implantation spotting but today I must put my feet up and do nothing. She has also said the period like cramps can be normal with the pessaries but to just keep an eye out over the next couple of days. She will call me this afternoon to see if everything is still the same test is Tuesday so I'm praying embie keeps going and will give us a very wanted bfp!! I won't be defeated until Tuesday I am however tempted to test on Sunday just to be prepared although have been told not cause could get a false negative and I would be better to wait for blood test!!! 5 days is all we have left!!! That is nothing really!!! Come in keep on going and chin up we can do this!!!!xxx

  • I had the exact same and it was implantation bleeding. I still ended up with a BFP. Fingers crossed for you 😊 X

  • Hi my nurse has rang me and told me not to worry like she said it's a procedure that's been done and they go through vaginal wall so will be some trauma and to try and keep positive and she will check in tomorrow to see how things are roll on test day on Tuesday x

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