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Finally Started!

Feels like so much waiting but finally cycle day two and just took my first Microgynon pill and emailed the clinic to let them know, now just got to wait for them to let me know the rest of the plan, been 7 years since i stopped taking the pill to have a baby and now i'm starting it again for the same reason! lol seems so strange but i'm excited to get going! been told egg collection will be around October but I'll have to wait for the email to find out when exactly, anyone else in a similar position? or any advice for the road ahead would be awesome! lots of love and baby dust to all of you! xxx

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Hi pMauz. Yes, it does seem strange to be prescribed the pill again. It's all down to womb lining and the best way to manage it before you start stimulation drugs. Good luck with it all and of course for success. Diane


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