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Feeling desperate

Hi there. My first icsi cycle failed on tuesday. We only got 1 egg which did fertilise but didn't work sadly. Today I phoned the hospital today to be told nhs wont offer us another cycle as my egg count was so low. We were going to do our 2nd cycle with an egg donor but they said you need to find your own. I want an annoymous donor. So now it feels hopeless and I feel so incredibly sad. Not sure whether we should go private abroad or just go down the adoption route? We ll get a review with the nhs in a few months but I can't stand the thought of waiting that long. I would appreciate any advice as just feel so crushed right now.

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On my first cycle I only got 2 eggs and on my 2nd cycle I got 7 eggs. If you are entitled to more NHS tries I would push to try again or ask if they can change your medication. Have a look into taking dhea X

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I was told today the nhs wont give us another. Got an official review in 3 months but not sure we want to wait that long.


Hi sweetie, I was in a very similar position after my first NHS cycle failed and I was advised by my consultant that my only chance was a donor egg, best done abroad (he suggested Spain for anonymous) After some time to reflect and some research I found a natural ivf route for women with low amh ... going from aggressive ivf that resulted in one fertilised egg and a bfn to this more natural quality oversion quantity route I got 6 embies frozen! I have today been told (confirmed) that my first bfp has failed but at least I am further along than the NHS told me I ever could be and I have a chance (I have 4 frozen left for when i can save up enough). You need to take your time to consider your options and your feelings before you make any decisions. This whole journey has so many ups and downs and it so difficult to make rational choices when there is so much emotion involved. The journey is over until you say it is ... there are always paths you can take when you are ready. Lots of Love. Xx


Hi, I have just had a 2nd failed attempt ( had to self fund each time ) after a egg collection of 7, none made it :-(

Can you tell me please a bit more about what you did ?

Yours is the first post that I've read that has given me a bit of hope

Many Thanks


I'm looking at the possible adoption route if I can't find another option although I have written to another lady on your post , as we've now tried three different times self funded every one :-/

The clinic I used will offer you a donor egg annoymously but you would have to pay the full amount X


Have you considered donor eggs? It's such a hard choice. Do we use our life savings and go abroad or go down the adoption route? I've always wanted to adopt but want my own baby so think in my heart want to at least try with the donor eggs.


I'm going abroad to Cyprus next month for donor eggs much cheaper than here. Guaranteed minimum of 10 eggs and 80% chance X


Yes looking into donor eggs now prague fertility centre looks excellent.

where about in Cyprus are you going?


I would love to help someone like you to start a family... I would love to be your egg donor... I'm 22 and have 2 beautiful children of my own x


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