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Confusion with IVF medication start timings

I am planning to start IVF in Spain (I live in Barcelona) on this cycle. However, everyone, including medical professionals, frustratingly holiday during the middle two weeks of August.

I am unsure on what is the date to start medications (GONAL F and MENOPUR in my case). I've been told that if my period comes, I then wait for the first full day and start the night of the following day. But what is classed as the first full day?

For example, if my period comes on Friday morning, would I start the Saturday night or Sunday night. Any advice welcome.


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Hi my understanding is that if you get your period in the morning, before 1pm that is considered day 1 of your cycle. If you get your period in the evening then the following day is day 1. With an afternoon bleed I would say it depends on if you start with a strong bleed or not and how long they last.

So if you start Friday morning then start on the Saturday night. Good luck x


Thanks so much. This is very useful. x


Hi BCNZ. I agree with what "poochi" has advised. Good luck! Diane


Appreciate the response Diane. Thx! Zoe


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