Not sure what to feel or think 😢

Afternoon everyone, so I have just got back from the clinic and I'm not sure what I should feel think or do. My scan today show that only one of the focillies has grown to the appropriate size, 3 on the other side are still really small and most likely unusable. We are now scheduled to go for egg collection on Saturday but I'm wondering if there is any point putting myself through all this if the minimal chances of there being an egg there. Doctor has already said that there is a 70%-80%!chance of it not going any further as having only one egg doesn't given us much to play with. We are paying for this privately so I don't know if they are just continuing for there stats and so we don't get a refund if we don't go any further. My husband had said do we just leave it here and try again another month but I have a extremely low AMH level and even being on the highest dose of medicine possible focillies still haven't developed so I can not see this getting better over months rather they reduce further. Has anyone else manged to successfully become pregnant with just one focillies and a low AMH level. I'm not sure what to do for the best Many thanks xx

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  • Hi, I also have very low AMH but have not tried IVF, I have managed to conceive naturally but so far these sadly have resulted in losses. I do not know what to say really, only you can make that decision - I just wanted to see if you had looked into DHEA for improving your egg quality, there is a lot of info on the net about it so it may be worth you having a look into it. I have taken it for a short while and am ttc naturally again. So sad to hear you only have one, although they do say it does only take one good egg! All the best with whatever you decide x I took DHEA, COQ10 and Royal Jelly to try and improve eqq quality, I know my FSH level had improved after taking these but I did not have my AMH retested but there are some interesting stories around.

  • I only had 3 follicles and only produced two eggs with only one making it to a two day transfer and I just got my bfp! So it can happen . Good luck whatever you decide 🍀🙏🏻

  • I had several cycles changed to IUI because I didn't respond. Finally I went through with IVF with only 1 follicle so we could rule out egg problems. It was perfect! That lonesome egg is now a 3.5 year old running round my living room!

    It's a hard decision, do what your gut says.

  • 'There is no right or wrong, good or bad but thinking makes it so.' Shakespear. What would you do if you could act with or without fear? What decision feels like growth to you rather than protection? Sometimes following our gut doesn't always feel good but it feels 'right' for us. x

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