Not sure how to feel

So we had our 8 week scan and not sure how I feel about it. As per normal nothing is simple for us. Scan showed two babies but only one with a heart beat but more complicated because they shared the same sack. They were pretty much the same size so the second one had only just died. Just so worried that the healthy baby will now suffer the same because they share the same sack, surely it can't be healthy that they are in there together? 😒😒

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  • What did the sonographer say about it? I've heard of vanishing twin syndrome whereby the twin who has passed is absorbed by the body & the remaining twin goes on to grow normally & continue as a single viable pregnancy. Sorry to hear that one baby has passed you need time to process that aswell, sending lots of positive thoughts your way for your other strong embie baby xx

  • I agree with Laura, vanishing twin syndrome is fairly common is IVF. I had the same, the other twin survived 6 weeks but no heartbeat detected. The other is currently watching Mr Tumble on tv. I think mine were two different sacs.

    I think the key thing is, how was the heartbeat.. Did the sonographer say it was a good heartbeat? I think that is the main thing to ask, as I again agree with Laura, that the twin who passed is absorbed by the sac - so it shouldn't be an issue. Although I would have expected the sonographer to explain a bit.

    Perhaps put a call into the nurses at the clinic? I know the nurses at my clinic were very open to calls and questions.

    Congrats on the one with the heartbeat, I think this sounds really promising xxxxx Keep us updated xxxx

  • I have heard that IVF babies were less healthy than naturally conceived babies and can cause miscarriage.

    This worried me a lot because the people around said that IVF was not a good choice for that reason, but your comment has helped me, thank you very much.


  • Ahahah.. that was cute the other one watching mr tumble..

  • I understand how you feel and your worries.We have recently just lost 1 twin although they where in separate sacs and one was not developing as quick as the other, I was really worried as to where it would go and what would happen to it. The nurse said the growing twin will just push it aside as it gets bigger and it will be reabsorbed into my body. So sorry for your loss xxx

  • Thanks ladies. Just been to early pregnancy unit and they said it was identical twins but definitely no heart beat but said this happened about 2 weeks ago not the 2 days the clinic told me? I now see midwife as normal and just take each day as it comes now. Any pain or bleeding to go back to hospital.

    Just hope my little survivor keeps going strong. Xx

  • Ah bless you. That sounds reassuring.

    Keep growing little one xx

  • Hope you feel slightly more reassured x

  • I am so very sorry to hear this, and that one of you little babies has sadly not made it. However, it sounds as if you have another little fighter in there xxx I imagine you now have 100 questions that have appeared after you left the scan. Can you contact someone to go through what all this means to put your mind at ease?xxx

  • I have been at the hospital since scan with coin and just have to take each day as it comes and wait to see midwife in a couple of weeks. Was hoping to relax after the scan but no chance of that now xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear about the one who has gone. But it sounds really positive that you have one in there with a heartbeat. And if you are seeing the midwife as normal it doesn't sound as though the clinic are concerned which is also positive. But I know how hard it is to stop worrying. X

  • Sorry for twin 1 fingers crossed 2 stays strong xx

  • Sorry for your loss over one little bean. Hoping that the other little bean thrives xx

  • Sorry to read about your situation and to lose a little heartbeat so soon. We had friends who had similar but it occurred much later, after about 20wks and it was devastating to all. The good news is that they have one beautiful girl and they mourned their loss of course but focus on what they have x

  • So sorry for the one gone.. hope the little one will make it..

  • so sorry for your little rainbow. hope everything goes well with the other baby. x

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