Natural pregnancy or fertility tx with 1 kidney?

Can I carry a baby with only one kidney? I mean they say that having only one kidney does make your pregnancy "high risk" and your child too can be born with one kidney due to some genetic condition. I have only one kidney, one was removed years ago. I talked to my gyno and she said I should be just fine but my dr says the exact opposite thing and I do not know what to do..

My dh and I are a little bit desperate because we are in our 40s and still do not have kids. I think that’s due to my recovery but honestly it did take too long for me to feel normal after the surgery. I do not know how others deal with any kind of a surgery but for me that was really tough..

Maybe I should have a consultation with another dr? I think I should, but maybe some of you could direct me here?


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  • Hello hun! I think you should have a consultation with another dr, because it really differs. I can’t recommend you anything because every single case if different and needs it proper tx. I have only one kidney too, I knew that a lot of women can get pregnant naturally and carry a baby on their own, but I took the advice to not to risk my life and got into a surrogacy program. My single kidney does not function at 100 % and that’s why I did not want to risk anything. So it will definitely be better for you to have a consultation with another dr. I mean we can’t tell you anything apart from that..

  • Thanks. I will go to another dr, need to manage an appt as soon as possible. But I am a bit taken a back because I have been to 2 different doctors and both of them told me different things. I have already thought about getting a surrogacy treatment, though I know nothing about it. I was like living under a rock all these years and to end up here in the place I did not know about before it’s a great shock for me.

    You know, I think that you did right when decided not to take a risk, because our health it is something we should take care of as much as possible. I suppose you are now a mother?

  • Hello sweetheart. Unfortunately I am no help with this, just wanted to wish you luck! It seems like you are perfectly fine with your reproductive system so it’s only a question of your kidneys? If it is so, then definitely go to a doctor, possibly perinatologist. Because none of us are to help you not knowing your condition. And also I think I can give you this advice – before starting trying for a baby have a consultation because we do not know what could happen..

  • Thank you for those kind words! It means a lot to me, honestly. Actually we just began trying for a baby, not like we didn’t want to have kids earlier but nothing was working out I guess. And it didn’t bother me at all. But the year is gone and I am even kind of thankful that I am not yet pregnant because If I was and my kidney was not strong enough… I can’t think of a m/c or abortion. That makes me sick..

  • Yep I think that there is a huge risk of m/c or even for your life, but every single case is different I’ll repeat this. So even if you believe that you’ll be able to carry a baby you should go to a dr for a consultation. It’s not like you can influence your health just with your positive mind set.

  • Thank you for advices. I am getting a lot of support here and I am thankful for it too. Though I am scared of what to do with my situation, because what if my new dr says that everything will be fine and I can get pregnant etc and it’d be a disaster? I mean, how I can be sure that everything will be okay if two of the doctors had said different things. Maybe I act a bit paranoiac..

  • You know, if you are not sure and if the results will be that bad, you can always use fertility tx, I guess. But go and do as much tests as possible! That’s the best thing you can do right now, and yes, it feels like you a bit stressed. So calm down and do not hurry!

  • I have two kidneys but none of them functions at 100 percent so I was concerned too when starting my fertility tx. I was getting ivf oe tx at the time, but unfortunately had a m/c on the 7 week. I am sorry to write it here, because I am sure it will upset you a lot, but this is the truth that it is a high risk condition and we should be checked more. I was told by my drs that they will give me 1 ivf attempt because of all risks and if unsuccessful we will transfer to a surrogacy. So even though I was upset I too had a surrogacy as a previous commentator and now I feel okay. Please do not look at those successful women and think that it’ll be easy for you too, it’s unhealthy. Take every single precaution you can.

  • Thank you for replying me. I hope you feel okay! I understand your feelings and I am sure it took you a lot of courage to write it here. What are you about to do now? How does it work the transfer to surrogacy? I don’t quite understand that.

    I think it is healthier to accept the fact that there are a lot of women who have had m/c due to their condition and even some of them died. I think that it’s bad living in illusions too.

  • I have signed the contract for ivf but with the transfer for surrogacy. Unfortunately, my single attempt didn't work out but drs had warn me so... Also, I am getting my tx in an international center so I do not know if it is common anywhere else those types of contracts etc. We have already gotten the surro mom and now are waiting for her pregnancy confirmation.

  • Hmm international center you say? It's some kind of a clinic?

    Wow, so you are really long time in the program, if you have gotten your surro already! Congrats.

  • No actually it was a long way just because of my unsuccessful pregnancy. But they had found us a surrogate in 3 months. So it felt fine, I think, due to how quickly my center was able to find a surrogate mother. I guess, it is even better because we had to use my oe rather than finding the donor etc.

    Yes, yes. It is fertility clinic. A lot of women get their tx there, as far as I know.

  • Uhmm, in 3 months? What? Are there no clients or something? How come theyare so quick with it? Have you chosen the surrogate mother?

    Maybe it was just a pure luck..?

  • My sister had twins with only one kidney. And I think that you can get pregnant and carry a baby nothing dangerous I think..

  • Are you kidding me? How can you say something like this? It’s not like everyone’s health like your sister’s, so please keep in mind that your advice could’ve get someone in such a big trouble you can’t even imagine. It’s not right to tell someone to have a kid before she is not checked and do not know exactly if she is capable of something or not. I know that it was your ignorance that made you left this commentary here but in future please think before you post something here.

  • I am happy for your sister, and she must be really glad to have kids.. But why did she decide to risk her life like this? Or maybe she wasn’t in a danger zone?

  • My grandma carried 3 kids to term with only 1 kidney. It was very high risk and the last was very hard on her. The doctors weren't pleased when she got pregnant with the 3rd... I think you need to speak to the kidney specialist as he'd probably know how well your remaining kidney works. My grandma (died at 85 breast cancer) lost her kidney as a child, the remaining turned into a super kidney so the functionality was only a bit lower than a person with 2 kidneys.

  • Wow, that's wonderful that she deliver 3 kids with her condition, but i wouldn't risk my life if drs said to me that it's almost impossible! I have talked to a kidney specialist and she said that there are too many risks. But after that I had my regular appt at gyno and he was totally agreeing with the thought that natural pregnancy will be okay for me, because i thought that talking to him would do no harm. i guess i was wrong because i do not know what to do now. i have another appt this week and i hope to have evrything clear after it. fingers crossed dr will say that i can carry a baby.

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