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Number of follicles

Hi all just wondering if anyone has gone through this or can give there thoughts, I had a scan a couple of months ago on the nhs and my folicel count was one on the right side two on the left total number 3, doctor said this wasn't good news and would mean no treatment on the nhs she said due to your age 31 and other blood results will send you for another scan, the month later I had 3 folicels on my right and 4 on my left at the moment I'm waiting for my next consolation to see if treatment will be available, the nurse said that folicel count won't really change from month to month but mine did for that month. I have tried to be really postive, eat healthy stock up on vit pill excerise yoga etc before I had my second scan and I am just wondering if it's normal that the focile count basically doubled from the previous month and does it mean that my chances of conceving will be higher for that month? Trying to get my head round what it all means and just wanted to know your thoughts as I know doctors especially nhs are very cautious with that they tell you xxx

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Sorry I can't help much here. I'm NHS and they didn't do any follicle count scans for me. They just went by my AMH, FSH, LH test results and my age. Hopefully someone on here can help you out though. It would seem that there's loads of variation in what clinics do! Good luck!xx


I had a pre treatment scan showing 4 folicles (I had already been turned down for funding as fsh slightly high). When on treatment I've produced 9 follicles both times. I can't answer if they will fund as every ccg so different, but definitely not a sign that treatment won't work. I'm 38 and have responded ok to treatment, just need higher doses of drugs. As for being more likely to conceive naturally, don't think follicle numbers make a difference to this, as only your best follicle releases an egg, even if you had 20 of them! Our consultant has always said age is the most important factor to success, and you have that on your side. Stay positive x


I only had 2 smallish follicles after treatment first time round and 2nd time they doubled the drugs and there were 20 follicles. I'm 40 with decent AMH for my age. I'm not sure there is much you can do for yourself to boost the count.


Hi, I have only a small amount of focillies each side. Just going through icsi now I have 1 on my left and 3 on my right (we are doing treatment privately out of the U.K.) but when I had my first cycle in the UK my results were similar. The reason the want more focillies is to have a better chance of a good quality one but my doctor said you only need one good one, quality is better than quality or so I been told. Don't give up on it just keep pushing the NHS. My AMH level is very low for someone of my age (37) and NHS didn't pay any attention to this even though private clinics do. Every NHS is very different so doesn't help with the information given. Good luck x


Hi i only had 1 follicle on my left side so they gave me a higher dose of tjw stimulation drugs and i ended up with somwthing like 8 when i went for egg retrieval so there may still be hope for you, maybe like me it will just mean higher doses of drugs. Hope it all works out xxxx


Plus that was with nhs funding xx


Thank you all for your feedback it's really great to have others knowing what you're going through and can answer your questions to. I told a very close friend of my situation last week and when I arrived home today there was a parcel by my door with some bath bits a card that said 'all it takes is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust' and a box of glitter it was such a lovely gift and just made me cry it was so thoughtful xx

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Hi nmill - I'm not sure if this will helps but here's part of a post I put on when I was stimming;

"Still a little concerned about my follicle count as I've had three different results; one showed no follicles, one shows 11 on left and 4 on right and today's showed 7 on left and 2 on the right. It's all a bit strange especially as I've only ever had two scans!!!"

We are NHS and obviously they have 3 results for me when I'd only had 2 scans! Gotta love them! haha On the day, in terms of follicles that were big enough for egg collection I had 8, 4 on each side (I think) so I was happy with that.

Try not to focus on the numbers too much at this stage, as you can see they do seem to change throughout! Good luck with your journey x x x


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